Paris Hilton to be interviewed by Larry King


Paris Hilton gets out of jail Tuesday and it’s been confirmed she will be giving her first post-jail interview to Larry King Wednesday night. She’ll be on for the entire hour of his show and a spokesperson for CNN says, “Paris will not be paid a dime for the interview … Larry doesn’t tell us production details, but what I can tell you is that Larry does not pay for interviews and there are no ground rules.”

The news comes just after NBC scrapped their $1 million interview deal with her. Additionally, a $300,000 photo exclusive with People has also reportedly been canceled. Although I still can’t figure out why Paris decided to go with Larry King instead of me. Look, just because I’d show up with some rope, tape, and a lead pipe doesn’t mean I can’t conduct a professional interview. I’d wear a tie and everything. And gloves. And maybe a smock. You know, for the blood. I mean, uh, professionalism.

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