Paris Hilton thinks Nicole Richie will be a great mom

August 9th, 2007 // 66 Comments

Nicole Richie is still set to serve four days in LA County jail for her second DUI conviction, but Paris Hilton insists Nicole is going to be the best mom ever. She tells People:

“She’s really happy. I just got off the phone with her. She’s so excited. I know she’s going to be the best mom ever.”

Really? Best mom ever? That’s a little ambitious. An okay mom, maybe. A mom, sure. But best mom ever? She has better odds of becoming Thomas Jefferson than the best mom ever.

NOTE: For no real reason, I put up a video of two teen girls crying with happiness because they just met their idol, Paris Hilton. I mean, yeah, I’d probably cry if I met her too. That seems like a pretty natural reaction.


  1. theredsnapper

    if i were that baby i’d be wrapping that cord around my neck… several times..

  2. That statement officially makes Paris the worst liar ever.

  3. woodhorse

    I just did something I swore I would never do: I vomited.

  4. justsomebastard

    Isn’t “Paris Hilton thinks” an oxymoron?

  5. Bea

    OMG that’s just so hilarious? that girl said she’s her IDOL… what she wishes to become?… a professional porn star? LMFAO

  6. Annie Rexia

    Paris, that’s m-o-r-o-n, not m-o-m. Jeesh. Such a silly little girl.

  7. Bettie

    Wow to be calling Herpes Hilton an IDOL is fucked up on so many levels. Why in the fuck were those two idiots crying!!

  8. Bea

    Oh and btw… that whole Nicole Richie becoming a mom is still the most uncertain thing ever…. I’d be surprised if she actually gives birth. Hopefully the kid will live, let’s just hope he’s not born with any kind of handicap from that cokewhore-anorexic-junkie mother Nicole is.

  9. Christ on a Crotch


    It makes me so sad to see society reduced to the point that Paris Hilton is someone’s “idol.”

    Is there such a lack of resonable, smart, upwardly-mobile role-models that “white” girls have resorted to believing that it’s a good thing to be completely devoid of responsibility, yet have all the time and money in the world to shop and shop?

    I say white girls because as a non-white, I used to think (many moons ago) that white folks had all the options in the world, could do what they wanted becasue they were not stamped with the “stigma of minority.” Now I see that it has nothing to do with color. Stupid is as stupid does…..I finally understant what Forest Gump meant.

    I remember thinking that Einstein, Newton, Gallileo, Chandrasekhar were people to emulate. I used to think brains and education meant something and here is Paris Hilton, a high school drop-out who could have gone to fucking Oxford if she so desired, but would rather prove to the tv watching world that she is a brainless, soulless, slutty and envious automaton, with no redeeming qualities.

  10. veggi

    I don’t have sound on this fucking thing, so I don’t know what the fuck they were saying, but I’m pretty sure I hate those 2 girls more than I do Paris….. What the FUCK!

  11. LayDeeBug


    ur so right. The two tools with PH are the dangerous ones because they feed into her bullshit and give her and the other tools like her more life and power over the goddamned “short-bus people.”

  12. justplainconfused

    I think we, as a society, should find the parents of these two young ladies and find some way to make sure they do not reproduce again.

  13. Crack a Doodle Doo

    By the way, those two chicks represent the majority of the douchebags that post responses on the PerezHilton site. You should read some of the drivel those obvious teenaged idiots post.

    Yeesh, where’s my bottle of arsenic?

  14. Bite Me!

    What is worse, crying because you meet your idol Paris Hilton or Sangina on American Idol? There are a lot of jacked up people on this planet that look up to the strangest crap!

  15. p911gt10c

    Looks like we’ve got two future drunk driving, pantyless party girls in training here! Aim high girls! Aim high!

  16. Absolutely Fabulous!!!!!!
    Yeah, that’s my favorite show.
    I also enjoy Kit Kats.

    Wait, what’s this post about?

  17. Bite Me!

    Did you get lunch! You got mail!

  18. Hey Veggi….you think you got it bad, I don’t even get the freakin VIDEO!!! I have NO idea what everyone is talking about.

  19. Annie Rexia

    #10. I couldn’t agree more. That is what this country has come too, unfortunately. We are so entrenched in materialism that that is all these young girls understand. They know nothing about politics or what is going on in the world, just what kind of nail polish is “in” or what party to go to. MTV makes me want to heave with shows like “Next” and “My super sweet 16″.

  20. LayDeeBug

    #16 FRIST –

    Now THAT is the most brilliant post I’ve seen in the last 14 days.

    Sweetie, Darling, Sweetiedarling, Oh BloodyBuggeryBollocks!!!!

    Christ, no one is clever anymore. Where is Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley when you need them. (Veuve & Bourb please)

  21. @---|------

    Did you all see Nicole Richie’s interview on tv? She complained about gaining weight, but said she would do what she has to.

    Gaining weight? She acts like she’s Saartjie Baartman or something.

  22. Christ on a Crotch

    #19 TYR-annie-SAURUS-rexia (I love your name)

    WORD momma!

    “My super sweet 16.” I’ve seen that ONCE and I wished with all my might that I could be there to cold clock the little undeserving, ugly and FAT little cunt of a birthday girl.

    I stopped my cable because there IS NOTHING TO WATCH!!!!

  23. TheTruthMustBeTold

    #10 – “White” girls may look up to some loser worthless piece of crap like Paris, but at least they’re not “keeping it real” and committing crimes and slapping ho’s to emulate their idols.

  24. Bemused

    I agree with Paris (as always) about Nicole Richie being ‘the best mom ever” so long as breast-feeding is not involved.

  25. LayDeeBug

    Cunts like this get lauded and get handed free clothing and I get teased because I have a Nickelback addiction.

    BTW, BIF NAKED RULES!!!! There’s a chick to emulate, man.

  26. #20 thank you dah-ling

    Hey did anyone notice that on this post NO ONE CLAIMED FIRST!!!!!

    Now THAT’S a first!

  27. TheTruthMustBeTold

    # 10 – You can blame that shit on the PARENTS of those little spoiled brat rich kids. We’re raising a society of money-hungry lazy good for nothings who think they are owed something and expect everything. No one thinks they have to work for anything anymore. The parents are so worried about being their kids’ friend instead of disciplining them like they need to be disciplined. And then there’s the guilt of both parents working and leaving sitters to raise your kids. They think if they give the kids everything they want that they’re beign good parents. It’s the worst thing they can do for them actually. It’s sad really.

  28. Christ on a Crotch

    #23 – TheTruthMustBeTold

    True that. You must be talking about rappers right? Yeah, place the rappers and the vapid heiresses on a boat in the middle of the ocean and you’ll have a good party followed by their imminent death in a few hours.

    Oh and I’m not the non-white you were thinkin of.

  29. - -- ----c===8


  30. LAyDeeBug

    #27 TheTruthMustBeTold

    WORD WORD WORD WORD, ad nauseam infinitum, etc. !!!!!!!

  31. We-Le-Surrender....

    AH… Such heights to which a young female should aspire…

    To being a classless wonky eyed spoiled “caught sucking cock on tape (poorly one might add)” talentless “singer” wannabe with a penchant for pretending to read, much less understand the Bible…

    Such a high mark…

  32. Lionel Richie

    “Hello” this “Easy” “Penny Lover” “Ballerina Girl” “Truly” knows that Nicole is an “Angel” who will show this baby “Endless Love.” My Nicole will “Sail On” and be the best mother this world has every know. “Truly” this baby will be “Dancing on the Ceiling” when he/she realizes that mom is “Three Times A Lady.”

    To my dear grandchild, I want you to know that I will be “Running with the Night,” “Just to be Close to You.” “Say You, Say Me” I will be forever “Stuck on You.”

    And, to Paris, “You Are” “Still” my “All Night Long” girl who knows how to “Do It To Me”. “To Love a Woman” like you is amazing.


  33. FRIST!!!

    Hey Bite Me you have mail but don’t let your co worker see it

  34. ssdd

    Two more sluts the world does not need.

  35. Daddy's Girl

    #32 Lionel,

    Say what you really feel, why dontcha?

    BTW, Brilliant.

  36. Yeah, Freak boy keep looking over here. I think he know I am talking about him. I need to take a picture of this freak and send it to you

  37. and to think I love my city… now those girls just disgraced HB

  38. Of course Paris makes’em cry. She sucks all the hope and happiness from everyone she meets.

  39. Lexoka

    How can Paris Hilton possibly be anybody’s idol? I mean if she were actually doing something, like singing — I mean, really singing — acting, or whatever, I’d understand. But she just sits around in her bikini doing nothing. I just don’t get it.

  40. Britney Crotch Juice

    #39….so you are saying that Paris Hilton is a Dementor from Harry Potter?

    or maybe that she has a demented hairy otter?

  41. wedgeone


    Why are all of the “response” posts off by one number? Did a new post cut in line somewhere? Whazzup, Mr. Fish!??

  42. Italian Stallion

    Yeah right. That baby is going to come out with flys already attached to its face……

  43. Any sentence that starts with the words, “Paris Hilton thinks” is going to be a knee-slapping riot.

  44. Kamiki

    Shit those chicks must be 30? They don’t look like teens! Damn stupid, I hate that cute sweet voice American women all seem to have! WTF is that about?? European women don’t do that “sweet” thing (thank GOD).

  45. Sauron

    It seems she has a real talent!?From teenagers till grandfathers,Paris can make anybody cry.

  46. Lowlands

    (46) If i was Oprah or dr.Phil i would offer her a job right away!

  47. Starry

    To be fair on Paris, a lot of celebrities would have ignored those two girls.

    Although her thought process was probably “Camera! Camera!” rather than “Let’s be nice!”

  48. Did anyone else notice she tried to use her left hand to shake with? What a dumbass.

  49. brittany

    i just wasted a minute and twenty six seconds of my life that i can’t get back.. yes i feel as pathetic as you think right now…

    i can’t believe anyone would idolize this skank. seriously? dumb whores.. i guess their dream consist of herpes and syphillis rather than gumdrops and sugarplums..

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