Paris Hilton thinks airplanes are traveling circuses


In a story I’m pretty sure is made up, Paris Hilton was forced to drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles when airline officials told her she couldn’t bring her six pets onto the plane. She says:

“I bought, like, a monkey, a tiger and some ferrets. I tried to bring them on a commercial flight and they wouldn’t let me fly with all the animals. They said it wasn’t a travelling circus. So I had to drive all the way home from Vegas in the limo with all these animals, there was like six. It was a lot.”

The story is believable up until her quote. I know Paris is stupid, but she’s not so ridiculously stupid that she’s turned into a caricature of herself. This is like the script for an SNL skit that was mistakenly turned into a fake press release. And nobody says “commercial flight.” They just say “flight.” What other kinds of flights are there? And who are the people that are talking about them?

EDIT: Fine, there are private flights. That still doesn’t explain how Paris Hilton could possibly own a tiger and expect to bring it onto a plane. Unless the scientists have finally done it and replaced her brain with a toaster oven.

*EDIT: Mother of God, the story is true. Reader Christine confirms the quote is from a BBC Radio 1 interview with Scott Mills. So every terirble thing you’ve ever thought about Paris Hilton think it again. Think it again real hard.

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