Paris Hilton tell-all book in the works

Paris Hilton’s former manager Jason Moore is shopping around a “business book about how Moore molded ‘this blond piece of clay into a global icon’ with a reality TV franchise and fashion and beauty lines.” NY Daily News reports:

“Jason will demonstrate how, for 10 years, he managed to save his mercurial client from disgrace by manipulating the media, and Paris herself,” according to a pitch letter making the rounds. “Paris was oftentimes her own worst enemy, making a sex tape with a former boyfriend, nursing hangovers during photo shoots, falling asleep everywhere, and getting thrown in jail for numerous driving violations. If Paris Hilton didn’t have Jason Moore pulling the strings, cleaning up her messes … she could well have faded into oblivion.”
Moore, who’ll call his memoir “Controlling Chaos,” says the girl unkindly branded a “celebutard” was more than willing. “[She] spent hours at a time posing in front of the mirror, nailing down the ideal position to create the perfect paparazzi photo.”

All I can say is good luck to this Jason Moore fellow for writing an entire book about Paris Hilton. I write maybe three to four sentences about her, and I feel like my fingers need a trip to the free clinic for some penicillin. Seriously, somebody’s going to find this guy with a gun in his mouth mumbling “Brain herpes… brain herpes!

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