Paris Hilton teaches Britney Spears to strip


I’m not even gonna try to catch up on the past four days so we’ll just pretend nothing happened and start fresh. According to the London Star Paris Hilton has been giving Britney Spears private striptease lessons, and the two have been practicing on a stripper pole in Paris’s Hollywood house.

“Paris took Britney upstairs where she fitted her in a blue tutu, and then Paris put on a matching tutu,” a source told the London Star. “They then went downstairs and danced at Paris’ in-house stripper pole. Britney loves her new moves and can’t wait to get a fella and test them out.” Meanwhile, Hilton has been spotted stroking Spears’ thigh, leading some to believe that they were planning a same-sex gesture at the Billboard Music Awards, but the two have since pulled out of hosting duties.

I’m trying to picture these two attempting to striptease in matching tutus but the only thing I can come up with is a clown porno set to circus music.