Paris Hilton sunbathing topless

March 12th, 2010 // 153 Comments

Paris Hilton did some topless sunbathing in Mexico yesterday morning and I’m legitimately surprised she has normal nipples that don’t glow green from gamma radiation. (No offense to She-Hulk. Yours are supposed to look like that.)

NOTE: Full Size versions are NSFW and the crotch ones was starred mostly out of concern for public safety.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ryan

    Nice. First?

  2. dude

    yes, fuckface, you were first. Tell your mom.

    You should have starred out those feet.

  3. Rough-er Madness

    Stop it with the star, like Paris’s tities dont belong to the world…Im wrong? who hasnt seen it?

  4. Westsiderider

    Are you sure that is her? I was walking by Dan Tana’s last night and there was a crowd of paparazzi standing around and I asked who they were waiting for and they said Paris Hilton was eating in there. No joke.

  5. 3rd pic pink star fail

  6. yoyoyo

    You homos don’t try to act like you didn’t click on those stars

  7. I hate to "Click Here"

    She must have rotten boobs, because the guy next to her is holding his nose.

  8. whoa nelly

    I agree!
    Star out those beastly feet if you want to save us all! OH THE HUMANITY!!

  9. pimp

    i’d eat her ass…only because it’s cleaner then her pussy…

  10. Lenny

    If she had some hair on her pussy then that might be worth looking at.

  11. Tyrone

    who ordered the pancakes

  12. BitemeBitche$

    Two BB’s on a cookie sheet!! Bigger tits on my dog bitche$.

  13. Dread not


  14. GIR


  15. blind joe

    Where was the cannot be unseen warning?

  16. Hi Paris , It seems like your having a really great time , I would love to play for you some time,at a privet party ,or an event for your favourite cause, I hope you don’t mind me saying hi Paris all the time, I just like saying it , I guess I would love to go to Paris ha ha..

  17. Idon’t think that when people grow up, they will become morebroad-minded and can accept everything. Conversely, I think it’s aselecting process, knowing what’s the most important and what’s theleast. And then be a simple man

  18. paul


  19. Stop it with the star, like Paris’s tities dont belong to the world…Im wrong? who hasnt seen it? Haha

  20. flight ticket $1

    hotel Room $1

    Rental car $1

  21. Lucky Charms

    I’d give her me shamrock!

  22. Stop it with the star, like Paris’s tities dont belong to the world…Im wrong? who hasnt seen it? hAHA

  23. Spy

    The poor resolution 1/4 mile crotch close up might as well be an aerial photo of a mountain range in western Uzbekistan as seen from a drone in mid-morning haze.

  24. Just Lindsey

    @ #23:
    HA! I just shot milk out my nose!

  25. FUZZY, FUZZY and more FUZZY pics

    #23, I agree with you, fully. I’m an old-fashion photographer who still uses film and this is equal to ASA 6400 film, counting the number of particles of sand on the Moon. #7 pic is pretty good, though, Paris playing w/her ASS.

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  27. Mandi

    It’s a slow news day when you have to post about Paris’ boobs. I’m sure a blind kid could draw you a sketch of them if you asked him to.

  28. someguyguy

    Paris’ nipples? BFD. The fact that she reads? Now that’s newsworthy.

  29. captain america


  30. curiousblack

    you stopp being the “hot” new news when we’ve seen you take a cumshot!!!
    fucking trizzle (tramp)

  31. WHAT!!!!

    You see the guy holding his nose?? Paris must stink!!!

  32. no

    I doubt she stinks.

  33. NG

    Who is this bitch? We want more coco pictures.

  34. xiannian

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  35. sunshine

    So, #12 and #28, I tip my hat to you for your wicked humor!

  36. anonymoose

    #2, 11, 28: HAHAHAHA!!! bravo!

  37. Moip

    People have erectile tissue in their nose, it was probably itchy due to close proximity of unclothed nippleage.

  38. Moip

    People have erectile tissue in their nose, it was probably itchy due to close proximity of unclothed nippleage.

  39. Carlos

    In unrelated news, the sunshine in Mexico has contracted herpes.

  40. hey its very nice n very cool……

  41. hey its very nice n very cool……

  42. Armand Hammer

    Flapjacks, I knew it!

  43. She’s whoring herself a lot less these days which is good.

  44. julie

    Thats NOT even Her!! Look at the face lol!!!!! LAME!!!!
    Looks more like that loser wanna be Natalie Ried!!!!

  45. Laurie

    I thought this whore died of irrelevancy. It’s not 2007

  46. She's disgustingly nasty

    This whore is like a snail leaving a slime trail, except she needs a hazmat team following her to clean up the trail of stanky STD’s oozing from her hoohaw…

  47. She needs to be shot

    Here’s paris hilton, hard at work helping charities, like she said she would do on Larry King when she was released from jail. To date: time worked on actual charities: 0. Dollars given to charity: 0. Time or effort given to fund the halfway house she said she was going to create: 0. Basically, she’s a lazy, greedy, lying whore, who’s so braindead she doesn’t even know when she’s lying anymore.

    Someone please shoot her. Cameras do not count…

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