Paris Hilton Suffered Horrible Childhood

paris_thumb1.jpgIn a story sure to draw a single, lonely tear from us all, Paris Hilton’s aunt Kyle Richards has revealed how the pampered socialite was bullied as a child.

There was jealousy and being picked on and I had to go down there a few times and straighten some people out because she was definitely picked on,” she said on an A&E biography. “People would hear the last name and she was always a beautiful girl and that doesn’t make for making a lot of friends with girls. She always had this attitude that she didn’t care what people thought but she definitely did.”

Some say that the less self-esteem a girl has growing up, the bigger the tramp she’ll be when she grows up. If that is true, then Paris must have the self-esteem of a stripper with testicles. Seriously, I think it’s only a matter of time before she’s just constantly naked. And while I fully endorse this, this is one of those trends that could end very badly. It’s all fun and games when Paris is naked, not so much when it’s that fat guy from Lost.

Thanks to Jo for the tip.

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