Paris Hilton sucks at Halloween

November 1st, 2006 // 142 Comments

  1. biatcho

    Oh sweet lord, danielle, what the funk are you doing back here??? Damn it, thing, you must be some sort of masochist to keep coming back for more. I thought we took care of you months ago when you made fun of the fact that my father was some sort of asshole for dying of lung cancer.

  2. NotANiceGirl

    51- Never underestimate the truly stupid

  3. GirlyGirl

    Yo Mama got a peg leg wit a kick stand!

  4. Trying to get Danielle to stop commenting is like having sex with Kobe Bryant. You can kick and scream all you want, but it’s still going to happen…………

  5. Limbo

    Come on, Paris is so doable… and who’s the chick in the pic 4? Looks great too…

  6. jrzmommy

    DanYELL’s Momma’s armpits are so hairy it looks like she got Buckwheat in a headlock!

  7. rod

    “the internet will help to create virtual communities that compensate for walls we put up in the real world” hahahaha

  8. NotANiceGirl

    Paris must have gotten a boob job…the chick working the mic looks like Micha Barton…since she isn’t on OC anymore- maybe she needed extra cash

  9. thebor

    DanYell’s Momma is so poor she can’t even pay attention.

    I hate to say this but I think the doctors are doing a great job of making Paris hotter. Weird, or I am just earth shatteringly horny.

  10. danielle

    Biatcho! Hi! Great to hear from you again!

    Ahem, if you’re name isn’t:

    Biatcho, Jrzmommy, or Richport…shut the fuck up. Simple as that. Post your little posts and go on about your pathetic day. There’s no reason to stop and wonder “now why is Danielle talking” “why does she keep posting”. That’s between the three amigo’s above and moi..

    Italian Bologna whatever the hell, mind your own business.

    NotaGirl ButaMan, mind your own business.
    PS: Writing in CAPS is my gig, give it up.

    Seriously jrz….buckwheat? in a headlock? I KNOW you can do better than that!

  11. biatcho

    Last week I ran into manielle’s momma walking down the street with a pig under her arm.

    I asked “Where’d you get that pig?”

    The pig responded “I won it at the fair”.

  12. NotANiceGirl

    You’re earth shatteringly horny. It’s OK. Just touch yourself. It’s by far safer than going near Paris.

  13. LilRach

    I found this and thought it was funny……

    Please lighten up a little people all the keyboard punch ups are getting a little lame :(

  14. NotANiceGirl

    Danielle you are seriously a major twat and someone should flick AIDS on you. You being here made it everyone’s business because the people who aren’t hated don’t want you here. FUCK OFF!

  15. @54 – Stallion, you should tell that one to basketball fan dmarie.

    She may dump Ferret for you!

  16. BarbadoSlim

    Can someone post a short explanation on this DanYell person, a superfish dossier, if you will. I have missed a couple of days

  17. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Paris Hilton also suck weenies hollow. It’s true. I read it on the internet.

  18. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh


    sorry, that made me sound like horny chinese hooker with immigrant grammar who suck weenie long time.

  19. wdfjwfpojfdwopjfdows

    this site would be ok if it weren’t for the childish playground-level fights that break out and suck all the fun out of reading the comments. if there were some cleverness and originality that’d be one thing, but what do we have here, for example? “your mama” jokes. if i were 10 years old, i might be rolling with laughter (or maybe not, these are all pretty old).

  20. DanYell has to work for theSuperficial sent to drum up business!
    Nobody is that ignorant to come back after the berating she got last time.

  21. jrzmommy

    Barbado, it started back in maybe the summer. I can’t remember the exact thread….Rich, Commish, can either of you? she’s just an uneducated bucketmouth that is fun to scream at. I like to refer to her as our collective emotional tampon.

  22. PrettyBaby

    In pic #3 the bitch is so stoned, funny!!

  23. jrzmommy

    wdfjwfpojfdwopjfdows, #69–So go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself with SJTLQ, Edna, Rock and Roll Takeover and all the other little fucking pains in the ass that make the rest of us unhappy. We don’t need you here.

  24. thebor


    If I touch myself thinking of Paris, can’t I contract something by osmosis?

  25. PrettyBaby

    Boring as hell… Paris, Lindsay and Anna Nicole oh yeah and Madonna all fucking suck. We need some funner people to rag on

    Thank you.

  26. thebor

    Hide and go fuck yourself. Classic, I’m dying over here.

  27. biatcho

    barbado – my relationship with manielle dates back to March or April or some shit like that. She got all feisty about racism on the ficial and then I called her a nig. It’s been game on ever since and her only means of responding to people is writing back exactly what you write and elaborates by adding “you can do better than that”.

    Oh & we caught her in a shit load of lies about where she attends college and shit, we beat her down and she admitted she lied and then ended up trying to apologize to us, especially for saying my dad was an asshole for dying of lung cancer. She is a waste and it’s futile going back & forth with such a loser but when you’re bored it’s fun. Game on bitches.

  28. NotANiceGirl

    Hmm.. wear rubber gloves. It’s like “The stranger” but with protection and you don’t need to sit on your hand until it goes numb!

  29. danielle

    #61. Uh….I heard that on that show: “Biatcho and Incest”. Good television.

    #64, tsk tsk. Do I need to remind you that YOU were the one to post something about ME first? Maybe YOU should FUCK OFF…consider that, fucktard.

    ahhh, I’m getting light-headed from the legions of fans that seem to have gathered while I was posting. Please go away. No autographs today.

  30. danielle

    I don’t know why you people don’t like me. I mean seriously, what did I ever do to not be in your little club? It really makes me sad to be treated like I was at school all over again. I think I’m going to go suck on my dog’s dick for a little until the pain stops. Hell, I might even lick my pussy. Not my own, I’m talking about my cat. Even I wouldn’t lick my pussy. It pusses.

  31. danielle

    P.S. I eat my own bugers, it’s good, you should try it.

  32. wdfjwfpojfdwopjfdows

    #73 sure thing. you must be one of those moderators who seem like ordinary commenters. very ordinary commenters.

  33. danielle


    *clearly a fan*

  34. PrettyBaby

    @78 Funny… Great Idea….OR you can touch yourself using one of those incubator things with the gloves that you stick you hands in….Then for sure you can fantasize about Paris’ slimy hole and be safe whilst touching your own clean goods.

  35. jrzmommy

    #82, i apologize, i’m not a moderator and i don’t have any right to tell people to leave. sometimes i get carried away. my life has been a bitter disappointment, so this place is all i’ve got. look at how many times a day i post comments.

  36. NotANiceGirl

    79- 64 was in response to your general message to us all. I realize you are severely retarded, but try to follow along. It’s annoying to have to spell it all out for your sorry and apparently very large ass!

  37. PrettyBaby

    You realize we are in the fucking twilight zone now…

  38. biatcho

    I can’t believe Biatcho & Incest made its way to the States! Fucking sweet! I knew it was big in Belgium & Tennessee, but now its made its way to the projects of DC! I can’t wait for all of the royalty checks to start rolling in. I am going to celebrate tonight by fucking my brothers & sisters in size & alphabetical order.

  39. danielle

    Here we go again, I’m fucking out of here…..

    @60 Italian Bologna…..fucking weak, fuck off!!

  40. BarbadoSlim

    Oh, I see, thank you,

    Carry on :)

  41. NotANiceGirl

    BYE DANIELLE! I guess it’s time to go work your shift at KFC? Have fun!

  42. commissioner


    Oh, mah gawwwwwwd! I’m laughing my ass off!

    I’m using it. In fact, I’ll probably be on the news for using that one.

  43. danielle

    #89. Listen, you little fuck, I’d advise you to log off under my screename before something bad happens to you, got it? Nothing is more pathetic than an impersonator. Get a life you cumsucking whore.

  44. PrettyBaby

    Yep, tonight we all gotta have Cocktail Hour, what do ya think?

  45. commissioner


    As if. My trainer is gonna beat the four hundred pounds of bottle caps off my ass tonight.

  46. danielle

    #91. Right next to the McDonald’s your entire family works at, right?

  47. amelie3007

    The chick Heidi’s with is the winner of Germany’s Next Top Model..Heidi was the main judge on that show…

  48. NotANiceGirl

    Pretty Baby,
    Great idea! It’s quitting time on the east coast…so CHEERS!

  49. Italian Stallion

    Danille- Don’t tell me to mind my own business you stupid cunt, I’m not the one who comes on here acting like a fucking retard. Is that all you can come up with against me. You need to do a little better then that. Get a fucking clue, and stop being sucha stupid bitch…..

  50. danielle

    DaniElle, you fucking sweatrag. Geesh, spell my damn name right.

    MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS….said it again. Are you going to jump through the computer now?

    Take your fugly ass somewhere else and post you dumb crackwhore.

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