Paris Hilton sucks at Halloween

November 1st, 2006 // 142 Comments

  1. She was better when she wear a cop dress

  2. At least she wore the red fish-nets!

  3. This is like the 9th costume I’ve seen Paris in

  4. And who’s the swedish milkmaid… yaa!

  5. danielle

    Big Bird salute’s our founding father’s in this red, white and blue conCOCKtion

  6. mrs.t

    what about Paris’s huge bunions? fucking clubfoot hammertoe bitch.

    and Heidi Klum for president.

  7. Are we certain that’s a costume and not merely Paris’s typical party attire?

  8. heatherlauren

    When did Paris get cleavage?

  9. Alice-Mary

    Is that evil apple-thing Heidi Klum? Am I supposed to be impressed? Cuz last time I checked, ‘maladjusted produce’ wasn’t a good costume.

  10. Looks like her everyday whore attire.

    Now, if she dressed up as a woman, then I’d be shocked.

  11. jrzmommy

    someone left a dirty spent condom in space #5.

  12. RichPort



  13. RichPort

    Jrz – My apologies, that was me. I also left a welt from my johnson across the side of her ass cheek. The ripple took about 5 minutes to finally reverberate and knocked me against the fucking wall! It was like a flesh tsunami…

  14. That is no costume, that is how she always dresses.

  15. jrzmommy

    Okay then Rich, just remember to take you your trash when you’re done with it.

    Paris has boobies suddenly.

  16. jrzmommy

    I stuttered. Dddddddddddd…dddddddddd..DanYELL the cunt makes me ddddd…dddddd… that.

  17. danielle

    #13. Ahem, as if your needledick ever came within a foot of my ass.

    ahhhh…the attention, the attention.

  18. danielle

    “take you your trash”……so ignorant. who’s dumb now?

  19. BigJim

    If a tree falls in the forest, and it lands on Paris Hilton, does the tree get herpes?

  20. #10 & #14 – Please read ALL the comments before posting! In particular #7′s.

    Thank you.

  21. commissioner

    Paris sucks a lot of things. I mean, at a lot of things.

  22. @11, 12, & 13…
    I love you guys.
    I think Paris Whorton got a boob job.

  23. Reaper

    I think Paris is actually in a slutty boy scout costume……..

  24. Lady Serpentine

    It’s too colorful to be just any old slut. I’m thinking it’s some sort of superheroine she’s thought up as an alter ego. The Amazing Super-Slut.

  25. checkyourshorts

    Paris is a cartoon of herself. Except the next frame, where the obese clown suffocates her by sitting on her head, is still missing.

    She has the sex appeal of an airbrushed oven mitt.

    I cunt take it anymore.

  26. WTF is that costume anyway?
    LOL #25, yes, Super Slut!

  27. RichPort

    Jrz – I usually do, but sometimes I stuff dirty socks in its mouth and make it walk funny. I must admit, I did it on a dare…

    Compared to her HUGE ass (______)(______), a fucking telephone pole looks like a sewing needle.

  28. danielle

    Your so pathetic but….ah well, what the heck.

    Here’s you penis:

    What do you mean you can’t see it? Damn.

  29. Heidi’s was still the best.

  30. jrzmommy

    Rich: I have a great diet plan for DanYELL….she’s guaranteed to lose the first 100 lbs. in no time….we’ll hide her food stamps under her baby-daddy’s workboots!

  31. polypam

    Just look at Paris’ face…the girl is absolutely MISERABLE! I reckon she reads this page and lets all the nasty comments get to her. Buck up little slut!

  32. RichPort

    #31 – HA!!! (It may take her a minute). The only diet plan for her involves a stop watch, a hack saw, a strip of leather to bite down on, and some moonshine. Oh and about 15 large men to hold down her dimpled flesh.

    Yea I know I’ve said it before but it bears repeating.

  33. commissioner

    jrz- ha, ha, ha. Oh, a good belly laugh is just what the doctor ordered.

  34. danielle

    #31. I heard that one only works for your mother.

  35. I don’t think PAris was dressed as a slut. I think she was dressed as her mother, Cathy Hilton…you know, the C list actress who married the rich guy and runs around partying with her daughters and blowing money on…..oh wait yeah, she did dress like a slut I guess.

  36. larson

    perhaps she took your advice and, in fact, went as paris hilton for holloween. it seems to fit, nonsensical clothing choice, vapid facial expression, self assured whorishness; it’s all there. paris costumed herself as paris for halloween.

  37. GirlyGirl

    Jrz, did you get that? Yo mama! How original. LOL!

  38. LilRach

    Seriously why are we surprised by what Paris is wearing? It is Paris Hilton afterall.

    What’s surprising is Heidi and Seal. Paris should have taken some tips from them – it’s Halloween – dress up as something else – not yourself you dumb bitch!

  39. #36

    Or sometimes, just blowing…


    … ;D

  40. jrzmommy

    Now don’t get me started on the YO MOMMA jokes……

    DanYELL’s momma so fat I gots to take two trains and a bus to get on her good side!

  41. danielle

    #38. As original as your underwear, my dear.

    BTW…you should probably return them to thier rightful owner.

  42. danielle

    #41. Wilmer should really put you on the show…seriously, you’re funny (we get it)

    You can go die now.

  43. GirlyGirl

    Yo Mama got a afro wit a chin strap!

  44. BarbadoSlim

    One possible name for her, ahem “superhero” persona is:


    Gonorrhea Girl

    Sure the name is not too deep , or well thought out, but, neither is Paris

  45. jrzmommy

    DanYELL, underwear is FUN to wear.

  46. NotANiceGirl

    JRZ/RICH: The only trash that needs to be removed is Danielle.

    NOW DANIELLE- Try to follow along you sperm burping gutter whore…

    You criticize grammer in comment 18 but then go ahead and fuck up in comment 29 OVER & OVER! YOU’RE use of YOUR vs. YOU’RE is sad. Oh, and incorrect you dumb bitch. “You penis” Are you that ghetto or just that stupid? Both? “YOUR penis” (possessive) vs. “YOUR so pathetic- YOU’RE is the correct one there as in YOU ARE SO PATHETIC”. Have fun working at KFC for the rest of YOUR life.

  47. Paris came as the little known heroine, Super Transvestite-looking Dipshit (STD for short). Her powers are brain draining stupidity, a plethora of vaginal maladies used for good, and the mutant ability to mind-meld with her chihuahua. It is in fact a case of art imitating life, as the creator of STD based the character on Paris herself.

  48. jrzmommy

    45–and with her friend there in small pic #4, they make the STD fighting duo of Gonorrhea Girl and Labia Lady!

  49. danielle

    #44. Quit while you’re ahead.

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