Paris Hilton still has magical breasts


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Paris Hilton and her new boytoy Josh Henderson, were spotted at Saddle Ranch getting dinner. And I thnk I finally figured out why she’s trying so hard to inflate her boobs. Either she got mistaken for a dude one too many times or she finally bought a mirror and saw her face. When she’s not wearing her magic bra, people on the street probably think they’re a gay couple. And when she does wear her magic bra, uh, people still think they’re a gay couple. Seriously, what’s up with this Josh Henderson character? His name says man but his face says pretty daffodil girl.

paris-hilton-super-bra-boobs-02-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-super-bra-boobs-03-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-super-bra-boobs-04-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-super-bra-boobs-05-thumb.jpg

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