Paris Hilton still convinced she’s an actress


Paris Hilton is campaigning hard for a role in the new movie Dallas based on the popular 1980’s TV show. Paris is certain she’s landed the role of Lucy Ewing, despite several insider reports that the part is already taken by a young, new actress Katie Cassidy. Ok! Magazine reports:

“In her mind she’s already part of American royalty by being a Hilton,” explains the source. “So she thinks it will be perfect casting. She’s actually surprised the producers haven’t thought of this themselves!”

Oh, those silly producers. How could they not think of Paris Hilton first? Those goofballs have to be playing a joke. I mean, who really looks for acting ability, likability and, I dunno, basic literacy when casting a movie? These guys should do stand-up. I’m dying over here. Not casting Paris Hilton. Ha! That is rich.

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