Paris Hilton still being photographed

November 15th, 2006 // 77 Comments

It’s been awhile since Paris HIlton has done anything so I figured I’d put up these shots of her at the World Music Awards to remind you what she looks like. Although Paris Hilton attending the World Music Awards is like Mariah Carey attending the Oscars. Or Paris Hilton attending the Oscars. Or Paris Hilton attending any event which requires any sort of skill or talent. You’d think her contributions to the world of music would have her banned from things like this by now. Ya know, or shot.


  1. Steeno

    ewww she looks like ass… with a nose and knees.

    afj where arrrrrrre you? now that you’re gettin more hits than the fish….

  2. She gets over 1 million searches a month on the internet, but I still thinks shes ugly.

  3. In other news, I’ve decided to offer rental of my rectum, complete with reasonably elastic sphyncters, and a sample tube of KY. It has quite a few hours on it, but it handles hard use well. Buy it now is enabled!

    BJLTC ;^o

  4. Here’s a cleaner image, …

  5. Marjolein

    Same ol’ eye (though the make up artist did his/her best)
    Same ol’ pose

  6. ibizagirl

    shes sold a lot of those cd’s though. she most be doing something right.

  7. happy hands club

    I’m so sick of her “poses”. I’m also sick of her square face. Why oh why do we have to be bombarded with her?

  8. RichPort

    As illustrated in pic #3, this wonky-eyed, spear-nosed bitch can look at two crotches at once… or in my case, my crotch and my knee to get the full picture.

  9. she looks good here,but she needs to put on weight.

  10. You guys are freakin’ sponsored by Caress now? WTF?

  11. PrettyBaby

    #12 danielle, That was actually very funny…

    All I can think about every time I see her is that she is stoned out of her mind. But yeah, she still gives those horrible looks all the time, yikes!

    At the risk of being teased can anyone tell me what “wonky eyed” means?

  12. vanillacreme

    She looks like she belongs in the cast of Best Litle Whorehouse in Texas

  13. New post at “The Angry Ferrets.”

    It’s about fucking deer!
    It makes this post look like yesterdays news.

  14. ophthalmologist

    “wanky eyed” is what we’re all developing while reading the newfound love-in for danielle. i’m sending the transcripts off to the UN (and highlighting the part where richport says he respects her).

  15. ayedoc

    Wonky-eyed refers to a lazy eye, which doesn’t move in the normal coordinated way with the other eye. Makes it hard to know where the person is looking. I suppose “wanky eyed” must refer to reading something written by a wanker (maybe #66 is British).

  16. RichPort

    #66 – WHOA WHOA WHOA. I said I respected the fact that she didn’t troll, that’s it. Please don’t misquote me to the UN… they’ll get John Bolton to throw office products at me.

  17. PrettyBaby

    Thanks sexy people, now I know more than I did!

  18. jrzmommy

    BRAIN: hey, wait, this IS yesterday’s news!

  19. wow.

    another Paris Hilton story on the fish.


    We are discussing Deer Fucking over at the AFJ, come visit us for big happy fun time!

  20. Thanks Brain, you Deer Fuckin’ Sum-Bich!!!

  21. no one you know

    I agree she looks a little bit different. In the first pic, she kind of looks like Ashlee Simpson, post-plastic surgery. They are either morphing into the same person, or a post-op transexual. It’s kind of a tomayto-tomahto kind of thing.

  22. cole007

    Two things- Tina Fey on Howard Stern this morning put it so well when she said Paris looks like a trannie close up.

    Lots of fallen out weave hair floating around the set. Tina said Paris has a CHEAP WEAVE!

    Also noted, ashy legs, for that one a WHITE girl to show up, is not exactly easy. Skan doesn’t even wear lotion after the fake bake.

    And the final comment, bad makeup, bad dress, who cares, she sucks just as bad as K-fed.

  23. marshmallow-dream

    I bet jr. sure is proud of his mommy’s potty mouth. And the PTA would be honored to have such an outstanding member. Oh, you don’t have time for the PTA because you are too busy surfing the net all day while jr. is in school. NVM.

  24. jess

    Gotta love Paris.. I found a really funny video of the girl we all love so much haha.. check it out

  25. please, stop giving her attention

  26. I think all of us have this fear. I know a friend who has to go home every day to go to the toilet in private. :)

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