Paris Hilton stars in her own political ad

August 5th, 2008 // 109 Comments

Paris Hilton in a bathing suit threatening to run for office. Awesome. Not only do I now have eye herpes, but I’m forced to live in fear of a dystopian future where Paris Hilton shapes our country’s political discourse. FunnyOrDie folks, that is the complete opposite of funny. So how does this work: Does she die now or do I? Frankly, I’m cool either way at this point.


  1. ishi-san

    I changed my opinion : # 100 (The English…) FOR PRESIDENT!

  2. im actually considering voting for her now…

  3. I loved it. Great job, funny or die.

  4. Sarasweetest

    I find Paris just as annoying and attention-seeking as the next person, but god damn this was hilarious! I actually laughed out lout at this ad.

    For once in my life, probably the only time in my life I’m gonna say


  5. eurotrash

    well go on then richport, fill in the blank! show us all the lengths of your ridiculous patriotism seamlessly mixed with a disgusting lack of knowledge as to what happens outside US borders.

  6. anon

    Ethnocentrism: (noun) The belief in the inherent superiority of one’s own ethnic group or culture.
    – From

    Looks like Americans aren’t the only ones suffering from this. Get over yourselves… and I mean both sides. This debate is stupid and there will never be an end, as both parties arguing are seeing their opinion through the ethnocentrism goggles.

  7. glad i don't live in the uk


  8. Binky

    well. ok. Good for Paris
    Next stop ‘inside job’ bitches.
    I’d volunteer for your campaign manager then PH.

  9. Mary


    #70-72: Please don’t be from Texas. It’s humiliating enough sharing the same home state as ole’ W. Alas, I gues I should just be content with the fact that you are Republican.

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