Paris Hilton takes Amanda Bynes’ ex to Japan

February 26th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Despite denying rumors they’re dating, Paris Hilton showed up in Japan yesterday toting Amanda Byne’s ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. For those of you who don’t know who Doug is, he’s a minor character on The Hills which is basically the equivalent of coming in third at the Special Olympics. But nobody’s proud of you.

Photos: Splash News

  1. bill

    japanese girls are hot

  2. sixpack

    Useless human.

  3. p0nk

    nobody in their right mind would admit to dating Paris Hilton.

  4. boo

    My Gawd, that woman owns some ugly sunglasses

  5. hugh hefner

    she should suck on my nuts

  6. Vince Lombardi

    I’m surprised they let her past customs / security with that infection and those stilettos for knees. She’s walking death for some unsuspecting Nip.

  7. g_girl

    thats hot!!

  8. Jaquemon

    This has to be a joke, the pictures show people that are fans.
    NO WAY! FAKE! Everybody in the world knows Paris doesn’t have fans, geez, Geekologie, we aint suckers.

  9. Darth


  10. Darth

    i would make love to her

  11. Sam

    It’s more like being the official shoe sponsor at the Paralympic Games.

  12. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Paris Hilton spreading her legs & disease, one day at a time.

  13. grobpilot

    Hey, the “Kiss me, I’m a vegetarian” girl to the right has an outstanding rack. Doesn’t take much to make me happy.

  14. fawn

    This is what has become of Paris, she totes around everyone’s leftovers. Pretty sad for someone who thinks so highly of herself.

  15. fawn

    Sorry Paris, you will never amount to the likes of Amanda Bynes, Lauren Conrad, or even Stephanie Pratt, for that matter. I think most can agree we even have more respect for characters on The Hills than we do for you.

  16. Jrz

    Hope he’s not allergic to penicillin.

  17. Darth

    # 11 is a troll,What’s pretty sad ofcourse

  18. Brenda Young

    I am fat

  19. Darth

    Instead of her vib she’s taking Amanda Bynes’ (who’s she?) to Japan.Paris Hilton understands that using less electricity is better for the environment.

  20. Darth

    #21 Amanda Bynes’ (who’s she) ex ofcourse.

  21. Darth

    #20. . . (it shows that i’m pretty tired)

  22. Vince Lombardi

    In #8, you can see one of the girls reaching for PH’s purse – obviously to collect the money she promised them to gather at the airport and hold up the signs she provided.

  23. I love Paris


  24. Darth

    She would make a lovely wife if she just found the right man like myself.

  25. Darth

    Is that blond girl on the right Amanda Bynes?

  26. Jed

    Haha!! Great comment, Man!

  27. mimi

    Am I the only one who is always disgusted by her monstrous feet?!?!?

  28. zomgfishzomg

    Paris…Paris? No, Lindsay. Hi Lindsay! Or Britney? Say, that’s Britney! No, it’s Paris. Or Lindsay. Britney? No, it’s Paris. Or Britney. Maybe Lindsay? Hi Paris! Wait, no, Britney. Of course: Lindsay. Or Paris? Hi Britney! Oops, I mean Lindsay. Or is this one Paris? Hi Lindsay! Where’s Britney? Oh, I see…Paris. But next is Lindsay. Or next is Britney. Is this Britney? No, it’s Lindsay. Possibly it’s Paris. But what about Lindsay? Britney, for sure. Hi Paris! Or Lindsay. What was Britney thinking?!!

  29. chedda

    *gong* …Aaaah, Japanese Herpes… Arigato! *bows*

  30. Vince Lombardi

    I’m curious…. will we ever refer to anyone as “Paris Hilton’s ex?” Or just as “The Smart Ones Who Got Away?”

  31. pattywhite

    Needless to say, she has very cute looking!! lots pretty chicks like her should be very famous on the ta ll da ting site: ___T a ll M in gl e Co m___. Maybe she can join to attend the sexy session to attract ta ll guys!! at least, that’s what my bros and i happen to know!!

  32. sofakingwetoddit

    Fish – I can’t believe you took a crack at the special olympics kids… your friend at the geekologie (a/k/a you) took down his post with the retarded girl. I guess your readers are a little more superficial than his. LOL

  33. Kidd-o

    I used to work with him and his strength coach a few years ago when he was just getting into the minor leagues. Cool guy, but can be a douche.

  34. Since this story doesn’t end with “Sadly the pilot, despite a heroic effort, was unable to prevent the aircraft from plunging into the volcano, killing Paris Hilton and all others aboard…”, I don’t give a rat’s ass…

  35. mimi

    I have large feet myself and it’s hard to find a good shoe. I am very very tall though so it’s not a matter of being out of proportion. I am really trying to get the weight down as well but it ‘s hard with all the pies and ice cream! (If I had a good man I wouldn’t be so frustrated)
    Hell any man would do!!!!

    x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o

  36. Axel Diesel

    I guess he felt it was time to catch an STD.

  37. Jrz

    *sniff sniff* I smell sushi…….or is that………oh…’s sashimi crotch Hilton.

  38. Mikey

    What a vapid, useless little twat.

  39. lola

    Why does it come at a surprise that Paris Hilton (the closest thing to a simian Hello Kitty) would have a huge following in Japan?

  40. Exterminator

    Possibly the worst human being of all time… (With certain exceptions)

  41. the801

    1st photo: Three A-Holes Visit Japan

  42. Fanpire

    10 bucks she’s down there to mack on Rob Pattison. The Tokyo Twilight Premiere is tomorrow. I hope he’s wearing whatever it is that scares Paris away from sexy vampires. Stay away, Rob. Stay far, far away. Paris is more dangerous to your career than you are to Bella.

  43. Fanpire

    10 bucks she’s down there to mack on Rob Pattinson. The Tokyo Twilight Premiere is tomorrow. I hope he’s wearing whatever it is that scares Paris away from sexy vampires. Stay away, Rob. Stay far, far away. Paris is more dangerous to your career than you are to Bella.

  44. Darth

    I would like some of Tommy Lee like she had

  45. foraz


  46. foraz


  47. foraz


  48. M

    Who is the girl in the “Pink Univ.” sweater… and where can I buy it?!

  49. Actually Doug is pretty rich since he invented the frozen burrito and played minor league baseball. I guess he wants to be an real actor now!

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