Paris Hilton splits with Stavros Niarchos again…again


Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos have reportedly split again. She allegedly ended things because Stavros was upset with all the attention she was getting from other guys. A source says:

“He gets jealous, so they argue. Not sure if it is permanent, but they have not been seeing each other for the past couple of weeks.”

She’s allegedly moved on to Josh Henderson, a musician and actor who used to date Ashlee Simpson. The two were spotted together at Area nightclub last Thursday and at one of Paris’ house parties this weekend. Although another source says there’s nothing between Hilton and Henderson, adding:

“She’s been over Stavros for a while. Now she’s into just hanging out with her girlfriends.”

I’m just wondering who’s still willingly going out with Paris Hilton? I assume these are the kinds of guys who spend their free time lighting their penises on fire and putting them in mouse traps.

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