Paris Hilton shops for baby gifts


While Nicole Richie was busy serving a minute in jail, Paris Hilton went baby-gift shopping for Nicole. People Magazine couldn’t resist a good shopping story and has the details:

Hilton was an equal-opportunity shopper, choosing gifts in both pink and blue. Among the items she bought was a Tuni & G Baby set (pants and T-shirt) with the text “Don’t Ya Wish Your Mommy Was Hot Like Mine” with the pants bottom saying “Don’t Ya.” She also bought Baby’s First Fashion Words book, a Baby Jar Baby Snuggler Blanket and Trumpette socks. ‘She can’t wait to hang out with the baby,’ says the source about Hilton. ‘She’s happy Nicole is healthy and thinks she looks great.’

If Paris really wanted to buy Nicole’s baby the perfect gift, I have an excellent suggestion: Buy the kid some new parents. Two normal, healthy, salt-of-the-earth folk who can teach the child to act like we’ve finally evolved beyond apes that don’t require a mountain of cocaine for breakfast. Otherwise we’re going to end up with another Macualey Culkin. Except this time around he’ll cover Good Charlotte songs and then I’ll have to shotgun my own face off.