Paris Hilton shops for baby gifts

August 24th, 2007 // 37 Comments

While Nicole Richie was busy serving a minute in jail, Paris Hilton went baby-gift shopping for Nicole. People Magazine couldn’t resist a good shopping story and has the details:

Hilton was an equal-opportunity shopper, choosing gifts in both pink and blue. Among the items she bought was a Tuni & G Baby set (pants and T-shirt) with the text “Don’t Ya Wish Your Mommy Was Hot Like Mine” with the pants bottom saying “Don’t Ya.” She also bought Baby’s First Fashion Words book, a Baby Jar Baby Snuggler Blanket and Trumpette socks. ‘She can’t wait to hang out with the baby,’ says the source about Hilton. ‘She’s happy Nicole is healthy and thinks she looks great.’

If Paris really wanted to buy Nicole’s baby the perfect gift, I have an excellent suggestion: Buy the kid some new parents. Two normal, healthy, salt-of-the-earth folk who can teach the child to act like we’ve finally evolved beyond apes that don’t require a mountain of cocaine for breakfast. Otherwise we’re going to end up with another Macualey Culkin. Except this time around he’ll cover Good Charlotte songs and then I’ll have to shotgun my own face off.


  1. suckitsilverman87

    this is the worst thing to first

  2. suckitsilverman87

    this is not a proud moment

  3. Hello My Name is Clovis and I'm an Alcoholic

    Joke’s on Paris. Now that the jail time is over, that baby’s going to be out of Nicole faster than shit through a goose.

  4. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    Does anyone actually find this gawky, goofy, ass faced idiot even attractive anymore? Then again I guess it’s pretty much impossible to be sexy when the whole world knows your shit in bed.

    Third grunions

  5. ali


  6. Hydro74

    Paris needs to shoot another porn, because I fear I really don’t give a fat shit anymore.

    However I would pay for a video featuring her and Kim Kardashian servicing an entire college football team at one time. Cheerleaders too.

    THEN they would have earned their celebrity … and all would be right with the world.

  7. ph7

    So much for her jail house claim that she would not longer be frvilious, but devote her time to helping the underprivileged.

  8. lastangelman

    . [Except this time around he'll cover Good Charlotte songs and then I'll have to shotgun my own face off.]

    Shoot da face off! Shoot da face off!!! Boom!! Boom!! Shoot da face off!! Yeay! Looky loo! He gon’ shoot da face off! Hoo-Ray!!

  9. why does she wear a cocktail dress to go shopping?

  10. Marie

    #9 Because she’s a kagillionaire. When you have that money…why the hell not?

  11. lambman

    Hey Macualey Culkin turned out OK, he was awesome in “Saved”

  12. Max

    Uhh… is she allowed to drive yet?

  13. jbird

    Ooo…Picture No. 7! She is SO pretty and classy! Paris, make me your love slave!!!

  14. Bugman4045

    What is with her face in pic 7?

    “Up close she looks like a tranny.”
    -Tina Fey 2006

  15. Tired

    Anyone else here getting sick of the same old recycled trash?

    Paris – Lindsey – Britney – Nicole
    (And now I am afraid it is going to become a fivesome with Hayden.)

    Sure, they are easy to pick on. All they have to do is breathe right?

    I don’t even read half their stories anymore. And it’s mostly the witty writing that entertains me.

    But I have had enough of the same old dried up washed up paricolindsney.

    There are soooooooo many celebs in Hollywood.

    I need more versatility. More celebs. Maybe a couple with a bit of class. Something new. Something blue.


  16. She also bought Baby’s First Fashion Words book…

    Then she hired a literate person to read it.

  17. ssdd

    Lately Nicole has been getting more press attention … So, paris had to step it up a notch and let it be known that she was baby gift shopping. Whores hate to share the spot light ….. so, doing the predictible is exactly what she did.

  18. guest1234567

    This is just rude, now the surprise has been ruined.

  19. Tom

    I wonder if Paris might put a web cam in her new pad for convenience. If she gives it all up to the public maybe we will stop caring!!! I found some interesting property info at several sights

    Oh By the way she paid like $800,000 TOO much the filthy rich little tramp!!!

  20. JJJ

    lol @ guest3232458908435

    thank only bit of entertainment I got out of this paris story.

    Yeah I only read the heading but, I read 20 of the same paris stories popping up here ever day.

    I think I can gather what it is going to offer…….. nothing…… paris went to jail…. go out…… boring now.

  21. woodhorse

    She looks like Sean Penn in drag.

  22. LouLou

    Ummm, wasn’t she supposed to be doing charity work to help little poor babies (as told to Larry King), not buying useless frivolous baby gifts for a rich friend?

  23. skank.
    but she’s alright sometimes.

  24. Hollywood Agent

    Those are the cheapest pearls that I have ever seen. They look just like the plastic ones that kids get from the five and dime. Paris, go to Fred’s in Beverly Hills and buy yourself a nice strand or two. What a skin flint!

  25. lmao

    it’s macaulay… not macualey. holy spelling errors, batman!

  26. HATER


  27. Where is a cop when you need one, Paris has no license to drive, I’d have the culfs slapped on her!

  28. justtheobvious

    She looks pretty decent with cloths on. Maybe i need more bikini pictures to compare. I’ll check back tomorrow,

  29. gerard Vandenberg

    You mean, babyclothes to keep your feet warm!!

  30. aristotrash

    Check out her eyes in the second pic – I think she may have died for half a second. Maybe that’s why she’s dressed like she’s going to a funeral mass instead of baby clothes shopping.

  31. You mean Paris is using DADDY’S money to buy useless baby gifts. I mean, that tranny has never worked a day in her life…so she technically doesn’t have money. Fashion Word Book? Shit, I’ll give her a gift that will be useful and beneficial to the whole world and cause EVERYONE to be HAPPY. I’ll pay for the abortion. Had I been alive, I’d have paid for Mrs. Hilton’s, too.

  32. Curiousyellow

    # 13 she only appears classy because her legs aren’t open. Don’t be confused

  33. who cares about this.

  34. lil britney hater


  35. FACE

    I just want to bang her in the ass with no lube really hard

  36. AmeriCanadian

    She might be a slut and a bitch and whatever but sometimes she is a very good dresser, at least compared to Bitchney Smears and some of the other fucktards the paparazzi chase around.

    I like the outfit she’s wearing. It’s beautiful.

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