Paris Hilton shopping for new BFF

Seen here doing some more modeling/man-rape for FILA, Paris Hilton is apparently in the market for a new BFF already. After dogging her all weekend at Sundance, it turns out Brittany Flickinger isn’t 4 Realz FTW ’nuff for Paris, according to E! Online:

“She just has no personality,” says a source. “She seems like a waste of space.”
While her rep wasn’t available for comment, Paris apparently moves quickly…casting calls just went out for the second season of My New BFF.
But if Brittany’s getting the boot, she doesn’t seem to know. She just blogged on her MySpace about spending Sundance with “her favorite girl.”

“She just has no personality.” “She seems like a waste of space.” And yet these two didn’t get along? It’s like they were cut from the same mold. Except one got dipped in VD, but still.

Photos: Splash News