Paris Hilton pukes on stage

November 21st, 2006 // 80 Comments

According to Joshua Radin, Paris Hilton was “performing” in Las Vegas when she puked on stage. Radin was in Vegas with the cast of “Scrubs” and went to a club to see Jay-Z perform. He writes on his MySpace:

“Paris Hilton …was sitting next to me the whole night. Seriously, next to me, like our legs were touching for a good 5 hours,” Radin wrote on his MySpace site. “Now don’t get the wrong idea. She never once said hello, nor even looked in my direction. Five hours. And it was unreal to watch. She must have pulled a compact out of her bag every 6 minutes to stare at herself and pose while Jay-Z was performing 18 inches from us.” When Jay-Z left the stage, according to Radin, it was Hilton’s moment. “Paris, who had been swilling straight vodka from [a] Grey Goose bottle for hours, gets up on stage, has the people in charge throw her ‘record’ on the house stereo for her to lip sync two of her songs,” writes Radin. “She gets up on the stage, pukes, leaves. . . I find the music business charming.”

The sad thing is that’s probably the best performance Paris Hilton has ever given. The audience was probably like, “Who is this? I came here to see Paris Hilton but my ears aren’t leaking blood. And I’m actually entertained.” And then they’d fall to their knees, raising their fists in anger shouting at the heavens, “Who is this?!” Then they’d go home and kill themselves because they just admitted they actually wanted to see Paris Hilton perform.


  1. duvalicious

    Paris Hilton may be a dumb drunk bitch…but at least she’s midly entertaining.

  2. now there’s a Paris Hilton moment i might actually pay to see.

  3. laikiska

    Hahahaha! Damn, what a Kodak moment to miss….

  4. Ed Bambrick

    Did they record her barfing? They can play it on the radio and it’d do better than her last CD!

  5. NipsyHustle

    she was trying to beat rod stewart’s old record for the most jizz in the belly.

    we have to applaud her. she’s been collecting for years. i’m surprised she held in this much. i thought she was bottomless.

  6. Binky

    Well she’s famous for ‘singing’ with a microphone in her mouth, but I suppose there’s often still going to be puke and gagging.

  7. bloodysemen

    man, if i had been there, i would have run up on stage, caught her puke in my mouth, and swallowed while orgasming. she’s so fucking hot!!!

  8. puking. that’s hot.

  9. ImaCracka

    Oh please tell me someone caught this on their phone……

    Sure we can catch Kramer ruin his career but not Paris puking… Life aint fair

  10. BoognishRising

    Next up: Paris shits herself at the special olympics.

  11. Ruby

    In the first pic, she is asking “How do you spell “Hilton”?”

  12. #10 BoognishRising,

    Sorry, Paris isn’t eligible for the Special Olympics. The Olympics is for Amatures and Paris is definitly a PROFESSIONAL retard.

  13. jrzmommy

    Did she start calling people the N-word? I wish she would, then that would guarantee her coming to an end.

  14. serial snarkalec

    Step away from the kid, skank. To him, anuses are only for farting, don’t ruin his childhood.

  15. jrzmommy

    PS-do you think she’s offering that kid a lapdance?

  16. NipsyHustle


    supposedly about 2 years ago she was overheard calling some black men at a bar “niggers”. of course she denied it because “she has black friends”. hey, the lone ranger had a sidekick but it didn’t stop him from calling the man “tonto”.

    nothing really came of the story but it was briefly associated with a potential reason she and nicole broke up. though i doubt that was really the reason.

  17. Maybe that’s the “real love” she was talking about showing in her song.

    I know when I first heard that song, I showed her mine.

  18. SaraGrace

    # 7
    wow, glad to know your so horney you think a goat is “hot”
    if you think that piece of ass is fine you should go to that bar, big gay al’s im sure there’s plenty of 3rd world starving 16 year old boys down there
    seriously though, your comment made ME puke

  19. I guess even she cannot stomach her own music..

  20. How come when I do this at karaoke night, nobody writes articles about me?

  21. aerophyte

    I am once again filled with a curious lust…didn’t Paris and Kramer make a sex tape?

  22. calicojack

    ahhahahaha i think thats the best cd promotion she’s ever done…the dumb bitch
    “hey i’m paris hiton buy my ::vomits::…that’s hott”

  23. RichPort

    Are we sure it wasn’t the entire audience barfing? That sounds plausible… so does forgetting to get her semen-filled stomach pumped…

  24. LL

    For the love of cheese, is gross the new hot? Paris pukes on stage, Lindsay shows her goodies (again), Kramer goes off on an unhinged racist rant, Rupert Murdoch thought it would be a good idea to help OJ make money by rehashing the murder of two people, Britney and Kev are shopping their (undoubtedly disappointing) homemade porn… WTF is next? Regis Philbin stomping a basket of puppies to death? Yoko Ono releasing a CD?

    Oh, the humanity.

  25. Paris looks like a coctail waitress in Reno.

  26. guest1234567

    So who the fuck is Joshua Radin and why would anybody care what he put on his myspace site?

  27. #25 — Now I’d pay top dollar to see that!

  28. Why do people tolerate having her in the room? I’m too good for any room she’s in.

  29. DancingQueen

    I guess this bitch never gets tired of embarrassing herself in public. Here’s a question for ya. Who would tell their kid to get an autograph from her in the first place? And what does she sign? Paris Hilton, Professional Whore?

  30. Bombshell

    god she’s ugly!!

  31. CourtneyJade

    bwahahahahahahaha! HOLY SHIT! i have nothing to add, i just had to express my appreciation for your continued awesomeness.

  32. She saw herself in her compact one too many times, it would make anyone puke.

  33. Not that she’s amazingly hot now, but can you imagine how high milage she’s going to look when she’s 30? PH is proof that you can polish a terd.

  34. yuckyfresh

    i hear that happens sometimes during the donkey show.

  35. Nothing like watching someone you dislike making an ass out of themselves.

  36. Courtney

    What a stupid cunt. How can she spend all that time looking in the mirror and not realize she’s in desperate need of a nose job.

    And Mr. Superfish – you shoulda stopped your second paragraph after the first line. It would’ve actually been funny.

  37. Candycane

    There is nothing likable about this chick, or any redeemable qualities whatsoever…but with that said, I think that she is actually really pretty…

    and if she weren’t “Paris Hilton”, her album could have potentially done a lot better in the pop world…there are many ridiculous “i’m so sexy, everyone loves me” songs, but in the genuine pop stuff that you don’t need talent for, just good beats, she is up there with the Britneys…(which isn’t admittedly very high)

  38. 86

    Guys wake me up when she dies or does something interesting.

  39. Tha-Flash

    A kid said something… Therefore it’s true!

    She isn’t puking… I don’t see any pictures.


  40. Wahoo! Thanks for using my tip! lol. I want to find Paris puking pictures, but I think it would be too hard to find.

  41. She may be suicidal. I’m no expert, but looking at yourself every six minutes, and getting hammered until you throw up is not a sign of security.

    This is seriously no joke. She and others in the Hollywood party world need help!…

  42. polypam

    The reason she puked wasn’t because she was drunk. She was choking up a furball from her Barbie hair.

  43. #37 Courtney

    She has already HAD a nost job, thats why it droops so low, that is a simpton that too much cartilage was removed and it’s what causes that long droopy look. It’s also why she always points her head down when she poses, that angle shortens her nose in pictures.

    Paris, take a look at Tara Reid and say “Hello” to your future.

  44. ToiletDuck

    Her best performance ever – I wonder what made her “gag”, certainly it would have to have been something pretty drastic considering the number of different penises she has had sliding down her throat…

    Maybe she’ll pee her pants onstage next time…I would buy a ticket to see that…

  45. Just Some Girl

    how many more times are we gonna see her holding that stupid perfume bottle?

  46. ToiletDuck

    Does anyone know where I can get the actual puke? Even the contents of the mop pail would be helpful – I want to bottle her barf in little amulets that can be worn around the neck or ankle and sell them on EBay and make $$ for my favorite charity (me)…mkay? mkay…

  47. ToiletDuck

    Do you suppose her vomit stinks icky like us common peasants, or is her puke “special” cuz she’s a Hilton…? I wonder what was in it, maybe some day-old sperm, the last Big Mac she ate, some Red Bull and her Starbucks latte??

  48. ToiletDuck

    Gawd, I would give my right arm for some of her used tampons – I could put lacquer on those suckers, put them on gold chains and I would make a fortune, I’ll bet even P-Diddy would wear one around his neck…the ultimate bling-bling…does anyone know where I can get some of her used ones??

  49. ToiletDuck

    Even a pair of her shitty little panties would be good, I could rip them to shreds and make some of those stupid bracelets that everyone is wearing and sell those on EBay too…

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