Paris Hilton is psychologically unsound


Paris Hilton’s psychiatrist says she’s “distraught and traumatized” and “fears incarceration” over her 45-day jail sentence, and is using that to get Paris out of testifying in a $10 million slander and libel suit against her by actress Zeta Graff. .

Hilton is facing an order to testify in the civil trial beginning May 21, but the psychiatrist argues that “given (Hilton’s) current psychological, and emotional state … (she’s) not capable of any meaningful participation in a trial.”

Can you imagine being Paris Hilton’s psychiatrist? It doesn’t even matter what Paris says, the psychiatrist would just spend the whole time nodding along going “Mmm hmm, mmm hmm” while scribbling “insane” in their notebook and underlining it. If I was a psychiatrist (which I am) I’d rather have a psychiatrist-eating bear as a patient than have to listen to Paris talk about her problems all day.


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