Paris Hilton pleads not guilty

January 9th, 2007 // 83 Comments




  1. first. nice nip.

  2. Heather

    Awww c’mon. Her titties aren’t so bad. They’re nice and pert when she’s standing up straight. I’d grope them with some antibacterial gloves on.

  3. Girl needs a training bra. I don’t think those even count as boobs–they’re skin flaps with nips.

  4. gapeachrocks

    .08… Hmmm. She weighs about 80 pounds, so perhaps she sipped some wine???? Keep those criminals off the street, coppers! Yep, I’m about to get hit with the MAAD posts in 3…2…1…
    I know, I know, she’s a skank, but wouldn’t you rather see her legal troubles swirling around something more interesting, like some zoosexual activity with her little ankle biters, or any assorted dalliances with Britney? The two were much more interesting when they were together, by the way.

  5. Kristin

    She’s so gross.


    damn NOOO!

    it took too long to sign in…WHY ???? I could have gottn 4 th place….

    oh Paris what ?…..

    yeah more intersted in posting in the top 5. Yup thats my life and I am proud !

  7. schweet

    mosquito bites.

  8. RichPort

    Here’s someone who keeps getting the words ‘bra’ and ‘bar’ confused…

  9. Damn. She is alaways trying to show us something :)

  10. that is a pretty bad looking boob. put on a bra – booby

  11. happy_bunny

    Her boobs are fine. It’s her personality that sucks.
    Silicone is not the answer to all of life’s problems.

  12. shanonorato

    Although I hate Paris Hilton as much as anyone else, I must say that her nipple is much easier on the eyes than Kate Moss’s.

  13. freakflag

    What the hell is with her hand? It looks like it belongs to a blacksmith. Man, she really needs to drink some blood or get back in the tomb before the sunlight burns her!

  14. NipsyHustle

    tranny. enough said.

  15. blueballs

    If you really want to punish her, have her home arrested for 18 months so that she can’t go out of her whore house during that time.

  16. TJH

    If it weren’t for her daddy’s money, she’d be an ugly waitress at TGI Fridays.

  17. cole007

    Those boobs are sooooo gross. Please, please know that there are women out there with good breasts, who will even let you do lines off of them, Paris. Please don’t subject us to your usless glands.



  18. Devilish Tenshi

    Ha. She’ll be guilty.

  19. DrDanny

    Nice boob, but she has the hand of a granny.
    Seriously, that’s an old-looking hand.

  20. mikewall

    What if the judge in her case likes small breasts. NOT Guilty atleast its not her pussy this time

  21. LilRach

    They look pretty good here……

    thanks to a great bra.
    I hate myself for saying this but i think she looks hot in this pic :(

  22. Hopeless jr. (His bastard son).

    Paris Hilton makes Hopeless jr. uber horny.

    Tell em’ jr sent ya.

  23. lilypetals

    Oh yea, those “titties” will go great with
    her whiteass face
    . Geezus christ, does this whore ever care about showing her “breasts” in public? Well duh, obviously not.

  24. Hopeless jr. (His bastard son).

    Can I post with you fine people my daddy says you guys are a bunch of freaks but hey that’s cool I like freaks In fact I myself am indead a freak I just wan’t to befriend you wonderful folks why this is my dream in life to be at the altar of the superficial it’s what I was born to do GOD BLESS AMERICA,GOD BLESS PARIS HILTON AND GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!

    Tell em’ the little bastard sent you.

  25. Gerald Tarrant

    Thank God. It’s been nearly a month since the overexposed twat eslipped an overexposed tit. I’ll sleep better knowing that she hasn’t lost her touch.

  26. aurealis

    Oh come on! Any tranny will tell you that hormone therapy takes time. I’m sure once she gets the appropriate operations and changes her birth certificate… who am I kidding. Hers and Tara Reid’s boobs are fucked.

  27. Nice doo-rag be-yotch.

  28. Boogie Monster

    I don’t know why I do it to myself. Every time Superfish puts one of those blurry little spuz spots on something as feral as Britneys pink bits or Paris’s booby, something happens where this other invisible person controlling my hand takes over and clicks on the image. Its like looking into the sun – YOU KNOW ITS GOING TO BURN YOUR EYES BUT YOU DO IT ANYWAY…

    Paris put it away. We’ve seen it all B4.

  29. Nice doo-rag be-yotch.

  30. cats069

    Only one thing to say

  31. Mick

    I have never in my life ever seen anyone who has the same niples as another person. everyone’s look different. Everyone likes something different. I say as they aren’t huge or nonexistent and don’t have hair on them.. you are fine.

  32. danigirl

    i seriously hate her….why does she even exsist???? she just sucks….sucks so hard and so much she perpetually has pubes stuck in her teeth….a booblehead…a whore…a replica of bigbird…i could make fun of her for days…shes just that easy (in all aspects) to make fun of!

  33. danigirl

    i seriously hate her….why does she even exsist???? she just sucks….sucks so hard and so much she perpetually has pubes stuck in her teeth….a booblehead…a whore…a replica of bigbird…i could make fun of her for days…shes just that easy (in all aspects) to make fun of!

  34. MissRandom

    Ok Paris is wearing a LEOPARD PRINT hat, sunglasses big enough to smuggle a small african child, and a striped shirt…… WITH HER BOOB HANGING OUT(!!!!!!) and she puts her hand to the side of her face like she’s being clever & no one will know its her… or after all the pot she just thinks her hand is talking to her…. *confused*

    WTF, Paris? WTF?

  35. Kyle Hilton


    PAEIS IZ MY IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    xXxXxXxX Kyle Hilton XxXxXxXxx


  36. Kyle Hilton


    Paris song quote:

    “Jealousy, jealousy jealousy
    Its such an evil thing
    To watch someone have
    Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy
    Nobody wins
    When your full of envy”

    She should have dedicated that song to all yoo Paris haters instead of Nicole Richie, since all of yous are so JEALOUS OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    XxXxXxXxX Kyle Hilton XxXxXxXxXx


  37. shanonorato

    She’s got man hands.

  38. Kyle Hilton


    Does anyone hav any tips on how to be ultra slim or become anorexic????

    Becuz i need to loose loads of weight within a 3 week period, and ive been on this diet thing where i starve myself [wich ive been doing for ages now] and then i end up eating, and then i spew it all up, and yea . . .

    I just cant seem to control my eating :[ . . .

    So any tips would be much appreciated . . .im only 14, so yea. . .

    Thanx!!!! :]


    XxXxXxXx Kyle Hilton XxXxXxXx


  39. WhatTheDouche

    Ok…first of all…WTF Kyle??? Remember, you cut up and down, not side to side kiddo…secondly…is it just me or is her nose larger than her tits? I bet when she lays down the whole mess just caves right the hell in…

  40. hendero

    It’s amazing what they can do with fried eggs these days. Paris manages to offer hers both sunny side up and over easy.

  41. Maybe she thinks that the nip slip will distract attention from those man hands of hers. Guess there’s no plastic surgery to fix that.

  42. MrSemprini

    Cold wind over face
    Pictures taken by hard hearts
    Paris is dead meat

  43. Browchay

    Now come on .. who doesn’t like a nipple slip. Even Paris’ nipples. I suckle on ‘em

    whats not to like ?

  44. jrzmommy

    Can they give the death penalty for a drunk driving conviction? Just this once?

  45. danielle

    Big Bird sure knows how to bring the ratings up for Sesame Street. Way to go.

  46. jrzmommy


  47. RichPort

    One! One stupid comment! HA HA HA…

  48. danielle


  49. justme

    Perfect Tits.

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