Paris Hilton ordering $280,000 diamond dashboard

Paris Hilton is dropping over $280 grand on a diamond-encrusted dash for her pink Bentley, The Sun reports:

Paris got one of her guys to phone Bentley in Crewe, where the vehicle was made, to ask if it would be possible to give it a little more sparkle.
“When the man said she wanted to stud the dashboard with a couple of hundred grand’s worth of diamonds, we were stunned. We’re used to dealing with the stars so we expect the odd extravagance, but this is something else.”

You know what I love about this story? There’s only one probable way for it to end:

Paris Hilton Crushed by Diamonds in Head-On Collision

Los Angeles – Hotel heiress Paris Hilton died in a head-on collision this morning when her diamond-encrusted dashboard failed to act as any sort of safety device whatsoever.
Rescue workers believe Hilton would’ve survived if her car were made of “normal vehicle components and not fucking diamonds like a goddamn moron-mobile.”
The ghost of Charles Darwin also appeared at the scene to deliver a thumbs up before informing bystanders to “intelligently design” themselves in the anus.

A boy can dream, can’t he?

Photo: Flynet
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