Paris Hilton offers advice to Sarah Palin

October 9th, 2008 // 49 Comments

Paris Hilton is continuing her cute, little “presidential campaign” in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar. When she’s not shilling for Rock Band 2 (Gotta love those MTV contracts), Paris had some friendly advice for a certain vice-presidential candidate:

My advice to Sarah Palin is, you’ve got a hot bod; don’t keep it to yourself. Why wear a pantsuit when you can wear a swimsuit? Welcome to the Lower 48, girlfriend.

With their candidate down in the polls, you know someone in the McCain campaign just read this and went “Hmm. Maybe…” Unfortunately, that person was John McCain who collapsed shortly thereafter from a condition known as “old guy boner.” It happens.

NOTE: Take part in democracy by weighing in on the Paris Hilton vs. Heidi & Spencer debate going on now which is truly the greatest issue facing our country today. (Next to that economy thing.)


  1. katharine


  2. ewsg


  3. supersex

    i am still waiting for bill clinton to pull his hand out of her ass and yell “NOW THAT’S FUNNY”

  4. My Cabinet Appointments:

    Bill Ayers – Department of Homeland Security

    Rev. Wright – Chief of Public Relations

    Christopher Dodd – Chief Financial Officer

    Franklin Raines – Federal Housing Authority

    Raila Odinga – Ambassador to the United Nations

    Yes, the koolaid drinkers are this stupid…..

  5. Horacio

    She needs to get on her knees and serve the citizens of this country

  6. Spencer Pratt

    Paris, will you go out with me???

  7. You know? that is great advice…the whole country’s blood pressure would be 120/80 at all time, if our female public servants would parade in bikinis

  8. Jumpin_J

    Hey B.O. your candidate is a coward and can’t make the accusations to Obama’s face. If he’s a terrorist, have him arrested or you’re a coward too.

    PS: Thanks to your chimp of a president, the DOW is down to 8900. Too bad you won’t be able to get food stamps because he cut funding for that.

    Please go step in front a train.

  9. At first I thought that said “Herpes Bazarre”..

  10. Sam

    Give it up, #5. McCain is going to lose, and nobody is paying attention to the crap being flung against Obama. Not because Obama is anything special, but because he doesn’t seem as mentally unhinged and out of touch as McCain. Throwing out a $300 billion taxpayer-funded proposal that even your closest advisers didn’t know about? And that duplicates what’s already in the existing bailout bill? And rewards the most foolish consumers and banks in the mortgage fiasco? And is a 180-degree flip-flop from direct statements McCain gave, on the record, just a few months ago, opposing any measure of this type? Even Fox (Faux) News doesn’t have its heart in it when trying to continue cheerleading for McCain. Yes, there is one candidate in this election who would make rash and impulsive choices as president, and it aint Obama.

  11. Right Fury

    you called mccain a coward! hhahahahahahhahehegaghahaha

    Hello pot? this is kettle, you’re black!!!

  12. Ed

    Nice try, Paris. We saw the clip of Palin in a swimsuit from when she was in her prime 25 years ago. Already looked like a mom.

  13. Right Fury

    I’m so conservative and so angry that I’m just settin’ here, in a public bathroom stall, tapping my foot…

  14. Sarah Boomhauer Palin

    Yeah man I tell ya what…Did one of them snipe hunts last night man with them sticks and bags and Whack! Whack! man, go Woooo-loo-loo-loo! … Talk about big mistake y’all… It’s right there in that cooler.

  15. B.O

    @ #9
    Your boy has surrounded himself with criminals, blame him, fuctard.
    The truth hurts and we can tell. I would quote it, to his face, ANYDAY.
    Blame your lame ass do nothing congress, that’s right, the proof can be found all over but you choose to bury your fucking head in the sand.
    I pay more in taxes than you probably make in a year so keep your food stamps. Hell, you can even fight the mexicans for them if it makes you feel better.

    You will find, after the investigations start, that Franklin Raines, Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank are key causes of this fucking mess. The president can only override the house and the senate with an executive order which is not the case with these fucking liars.

    Google that list at @ #5 and get your facts strait JJ.

  16. Eric

    #16 – swearing, blustering anger, blaming only Democrats.

    Yeah, we need 4 more years of that attitude…

    Time’s up. You’ve fucked things up more than enough. We’re taking over. Too bad if you don’t like it.

  17. pete

    Paulson is the first Treasury Secretary in Bush’s administration who has primary expertise in fiance (although he was deep into the schemes that caused the crises and personally profited enormously from them) . Unlike Rumsfeld, Robert Gates is a competent (and non-psychotic) Defense Secretary. We haven’t had a competent Attorney General. Harriet Miers was the most absurd Supreme Court nominee in decades. Paul Brenner was a disaster of a choice to lead the Iraq through the immediate post-invasion period and made decisions that set the foundation for the insurgency that will turn into a civil war whenever we leave.

    All of Bush’s choices have had impacts, a lot of them negative, some of them disastrous.

    That addresses facts, not some ridiculous lineup of OMG! people that Obama would never appoint in a million years. One parallel with Bush that truly fits is that McCain would make rash, impulsive, “mavericky” choices for his administration, and then his ADD (or whatever it is) will prevent him from carefully tracking what they do. That’s the last thing we need right now.

  18. jumpin_j

    OB, you pay more in taxes than me? Hey that’s great. I’m in the 35% tax bracket. If you pay more than me, a REASONABLE MIND would say you’re doing quite well. Therefore you can probably afford to pay more in taxes and won’t even notice it. There, everyone’s happy.

    You really want to go down that road about whose responsible? You want to talk about all the lobbyist STILL helping out McCain? How Graham helped create all this with his friends at UBS? You want to talk Charlie Black? Who you say? Here, I’ll make it really easy for you:

    You want to talk surrounded by criminals? Does KEATING 5 mean anything to you? Oh, and if you’re talking about Mr. Ayers, he was acquitted. Unlike Charles Keating.

    So my facts are fine. Say if you get off your PC, you can stand in front of the 5:15 express train. And good day, sir!

  19. jumpin_j

    Oh and Eric, it’s eight years. Let’s give credit where it’s due.

  20. Air Mail

    I just love this girl. American wimsey at its best!

    Hey Jumpin_j, Ayers did go to jail… but you know that don’t you? Pehaps your too busy jumping on Obama’s j?

  21. P Diddly

    Fuck Obama’s retarded worshippers

  22. Paging Mark Foley

    Fuck McCain’s saggy ball-sucking followers

  23. Air Mail

    I love this girl! American Wimsey at it’s best! But about Obama, Lets see what Obama brings to the table. Spent formative years raised in a foreign country as a Muslim. Undistinguished student ( Don’t even try to tell me the Law Review thing was not a quota deal) Personal friends with Marxists and Islamic enemies of the United States. Attended a racist church for twenty years (brought his kids!) Got a sweetheart land deal from a felon. Worked with a group that engages in election fraud and stealing of tax money (Acorn) Has a voting record that supports partial birth abortion and raising taxes on gasoline… And, Oh yeah, will not wear an American Flag pin. This person is like the old Groucho Marx joke, ‘ I wouldn’t join a club that would have someone like me as a member!’

  24. UPS

    McCain is showing early signs of dementia. If his melanoma recurs, he’s unlikely to get a full remission again. Palin as president? Nope.

    Simple as that.

  25. republican scum

  26. republican scum

  27. republican scum

  28. Lish


  29. Air Mail

    Obama is friends with Franklin Raines, Rev. Wright, Ayres, Resco and only God knows what other POS… and you want this picking Supreme Court Judges? Come on UPS, All the Dems are about is bigger goverment. You put Obama in charge, with Pelosi and Reid running the Congress, and this Country may not survive as we know it.

  30. friendlyfires

    My other Republican neighbor, Janine – I’m not really some hot pixie from Alaska, but I played one on TV – Turner, wishes Paris would shut the hell up. Why, I ask, you don’t like her politics? Politics? scoffs Janine, no, I just want her to shut the hell up.

  31. Hi there, you stupid white mindless fucktard gentile goyim scum. You actually think your little problems of concern to the presidential candidates, don’t you?

    That just shows how fucking stupid you are. Click the link to find out how important you are to our jew meat-puppet politicians. The jew owns them lock, stock, and barrel, not you, you stupid mindless white fucktards.

  32. Left is Right, Right is Wrong

    Hey Republican idiots, how do you feel about your wartime president now that the economy is destroyed? Hahaha I guess it doesn’t faze you awesome testosterone religious zealots one bit…yet. This nation is is collapsing and most of us won’t even be able to retire. We will have to work to death or starve if we don’t have someone to care for us. Or maybe the government will have mercy and just turn us over to Homeland Security and let them label us as dangerous economic elements and murder the elderly unloved.
    A century of war against the poor and the poor are too gaddamned motherfucking ignorant to realize it.

    Just die off multitudes of Homo sapiens. (Hell with almost 7 billion of them we could stand to lose about 6 billion) Sorry.

  33. Diane

    I just can’t wait until Hillary gets a chance to run in 2012.

  34. paris is pathetic

    paris is so attention starved,she just needs to go away!! Someone please throw her in the trash and save us all!!

  35. Kits

    Who cares about Hilton.

    But the comments here claiming that the Dems caused the economic crisis are dead wrong. Congress has been majority ruled by repubs for YEARS. It’s called majority vote in both the House and the Senate. If you don’t know how the legislative branch of government works, pick up a book for once, or go back to school.

  36. PALIN want to “CRASH”?

  37. woodhorse

    At least Paris has enough personality to have a birthday party featuring midgets and goats which provided me with enough material to laugh at her for all eternity.

    Spencer and Heidi are like Melamine: disgusting to all 5 senses and should be scratched, chipped, faded, ground up and added to infant goat formula to provide more entertainment at Paris’ birthday parties.

  38. jjshd

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  39. Air Mail and B.O. are correct when they state that thee Dem’s blocked all attempts to hold Fannie and Freddie accountable. This lies squarely on thier shoulders. But hey, as long as we can try to blame the Rep. than that is all that matters.

    obama’s economic advisor is a former head of fannie mae who made 90 million in six years before he bailed on them as they started to crash.

    I laugh at the FACT that this Dem run congress has LOWER approval ratings than Bush does.

    Last note for discussion: name me ONE government program that runs efficiantly? Social Security-bancrupt, FEMA, HUD…every one is a failure and you are going to trust them with your healthcare? What a joke.

  40. sarah

    hey #36- yah but the economy was fine until the democrats moved in

  41. LoveJones

    Don’t you just love it when all of the comments get political and everyone bashes everyone else?

    We all know who is going to win….

    Enough said.

  42. LoveJones

    Don’t you just love it when all of the comments get political and everyone bashes everyone else?

    We all know who is going to win….

    Enough said.

  43. Dan

    Palin and her husband belong to a group with Joe VOGEL. Vogel is part of an ANTI-AMERICAN terrorist organization that wants Alaska out of the USA. Now that McCain knows this, he will let palin go…right?

  44. el ces

    That white dog she has is pimpin’
    Look how cool it acts on the podium.

  45. Duke Steele

    Paris’s advice,”Sarah,don’t get herpes”.

  46. GIN


  47. BIll M

    Awesome celeb produced political ad short film

  48. Ja

    I referenced this article in a blog post detailing Hilton’s lack of dicussion about Michelle Obama.

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