Paris Hilton offered $1 million to teach idiots


The Learning Annex has asked Paris Hilton to speak at the Real Estate and Wealth Expos in Seattle, Chicago, New York and Boston. They’re offering her $1 million to teach a one-hour class on “How to Build Your Brand.” The $1 million offer is the second highest speaking fee ever offered in the world, second only to The Learning Annex’s star instructor, Donald Trump. The Learning Annex President and Founder Bill Zanker says:

“Paris Hilton is a brilliant entrepreneur who has built an incredible brand.”

You’d have to be the dumbest human being alive to take advice from Paris Hilton. She’s going to go up on stage for thirty seconds and list off her keys to success: “Be born into a wealthy family, have a famous name, act slutty, and let people tape you having sex.” Then during question and answer time people will ask her business questions and she’ll respond, “I didn’t really understand that. Want me to take my top off?”


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