Paris Hilton not thrilled about John McCain ad

August 1st, 2008 // 72 Comments

Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were recently featured in a John McCain political ad that attacks Barack Obama. Neither of them were asked to participate and were included without their knowledge or consent. Britney’s camp basically said she’s got better things to worry about than who runs for president. (Like how much she loves puppies!) While Paris hasn’t yet seen the ad, she’s definitely aware of it and isn’t thrilled, according to E! Online:

“She’s on tour with Benji [Madden] and isn’t watching television and has not been on the Internet,” said the source. “But she’s already said she’s not too happy about it.”
That’s interesting, since Paris’ parents are big McCain supporters (even contributing recently to his presidential campaign). But it turns out Paris has chosen not to publicly state who she’s rooting for.
“She doesn’t consider herself a political figure, and so she does not appreciate being used in that way,” said the insider. “She’d prefer the candidates just leave her out of it.”

Many are calling the John McCain ad a new low, and I agree. There’s such a thing as mudslinging, Senator McCain, but equating your opponent with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton? Jesus, man, that’s below the belt and straight to the taint. I wouldn’t even do that to my worst enemy. I would, however, throw a raccoon at their face and hope they get AIDS. Just to put things in perspective.


  1. Landon


  2. Ted from LA

    Please, dear, shut the fuck up and do something productive for once in your fucking life.

  3. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\

    I hate this bitch

  4. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\

    #1 and I quote #2

    “shut the fuck up and do something productive for once in your fucking life”

  5. Lola

    hate her… dumb blonde whore

    believe me…………..

  7. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\

    #1 and I quote #2

    “shut the fuck up and do something productive for once in your fucking life”

  8. Jon

    Anyone know who the girl in the mini is next to Paris? She’s like 10x hotter.

  9. boo

    Paris doesn’t consider herself a politcal figure? I can’t imagine why.

  10. chris

    Who cares about Paris Hilton anymore. I am more interested in the girl next to her in the first pic. Tell the paps to follow her to the beach

  11. Jumpin_J

    Seriously, John McCain using Paris and Britney? How insulting. Britney and Paris should sue the pants off McCain. What’s that? McCain is running out of money? Oh, never mind.

  12. Cattyluo

    She is so beautiful.I saw her profile on——–She attracts so many people .Wow,it’s so cool..Don’t miss it.

  13. Cattyluo

    She is so beautiful.I saw her profile on——–She attracts so many people .Wow,it’s so cool..Don’t miss it.

  14. mimi

    Praying for Amy

  15. Sledman


    Agreed, could care less about Paris, only reason I looked at the story was the girl in the black and white mini. Need to find out who she is.

  16. brett

    She’s not watching TV or on the internet? Probably catching up on her summer reading.

  17. Agree with Sledman, Jon, Jumpin_J, and chris. The girl next to Paris is really freakin’ hot!…..someone must know who she is!!!….the quest is on!….

  18. ph7

    Praying for a new, improved Valtrex.

  19. Monstra

    Yeah, well, I’m not thrilled with that hideous outfit.

  20. KAT

    a) isn’t it a but pretentious to be carrying around a purse with your name on it?

    b) who the FUCK is that crack-head looking guy in the last pic??? he has GOT to be on something. he looks like a zombie.

  21. Ted from LA

    Praying for Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers.

  22. Stephen Dedalus


    She’s a skank whore
    She’s a skank whore
    She’s an ugly fucking skank whore
    She has pussy itch
    How I hate that bitch
    She’s an ugly puss-filled skank whore

    Second verse, same as the first….

  23. sameshitdifferentyear

    London or Paris or whatever her fuckin name is has blown her load.
    Nobody gives a shit about her anymore.

    On the other hand, ask that supersmooth hottie next to her who she’s voting for this November.
    Let’s have another Miss Teen USA moment.

    By the way, noticed how Paris is starting to look like one of those Dragon Ladies in those old martial arts flicks?

  24. Joe

    The chick next to Paris seems to be eating the paparazzi flashes up. She’s got no waste, a face that looks bad without makeup. Nice legs, though. A 6 maybe.

  25. britney's weave

    paris is getting publicity and she’s mad about it? wtf???

    on a side note, is mccain running out of ammo? calling barack a celebrity? has he failed to notice a celebrity became governor of california, and seems to be doing just fine?

    i just realized everything i’ve written i’ve posed in the form of a question?

  26. CJ

    Paris doesn’t have the mental capacity to separate publicity into categories….get real. Any time her image is out there she is milking it. What a crock…Paris is upset about being used in an ad….bwhahahaaaaa!!!

  27. venomhed

    I would eat that little girls hairless pussy, the one wearing black. She is super cute. I would play babysitter with her any day.

  28. chris

    #24 Joe
    You wouldn’t know an attractive girls if she sat on you face

  29. Maeby

    MCains like a fifteen year old girl talking shit all the time.
    If you dont want Paris Hilton to get pregnant then vote for Obama.
    or else we’re gonna be stuck with this old ass stinky pile of butt cheese.

    OBAMA 08!

  30. sRsLy

    Pic 5 is proof that cloning experiments have advanced one step up from sheep.

  31. Anexio

    Is it me or is El Wonko starting to look a little haggard and tired?

    I think her ass is starting to fall.

  32. ishi-san

    @ 30 : yess! and they even made the clons have boobs now!!

  33. The Queen of England

    My wife called and asked me to ‘ find out who the hot thing in the black and white dress is honey ‘ BOING….

  34. clark

    John Stewart pointed out last night that the Hilton Family is contributor to the McCain campaign… lol

  35. Mr Smith

    Boo hoo America finally had to step into the real world and pay a decent price for “gas.”

  36. where the hell is this ad anyway? i must watch.

  37. lloyd johnson

    I saw the ad. It’s pitiful. It’s the same crap “Obama doesn’t want more offshore drilling” “Obama is against tax cuts” but this time they flash BAD girls (Blonde And Dumb) at the beginning of the ad and say Obama is really popular like them. McCain is right. Nothing is more beautiful than watching the sun rise over an oil rig in the gulf. Except watching the sun rise over 12 oil rigs. Pay taxes? What is Obama thinking? Debt is good. It’s proof the world likes the US, thats why they lend us money.

  38. kevin

    She is pretty and sexy. I think I will love her. LOL. Every time I sign in to the celeb club “”"”"”"C e l e b M i n g l e . c o m”"”"”"”, I can see many new topics talking about her. She has created a nice profile for seeking a hot man for hook ups.

  39. JRG#

    The ad is right on! Both PH and BO are superficial and lack substance. Neither have accomplished anything worthy of the free media attention and adoration they attract. They’re ‘media made’ personalities.

  40. JRG3

    The ad is right-on! They’re both media made personalities who have accomplished nothing worthy of the free media adoration they receive. No substance, all fluff. They symbolize our superficial society enamoured with the superficial.

  41. Harry Ballzack

    “She doesn’t consider herself a political figure”
    She hasn’t the first freaking clue about politics is why !!

    But she DOES consider herself “The iconic blonde of the decade”‘ and compared herself to Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe
    HAHAHAHAHAHA ……………. Priceless !!!
    If it doesn’t have anything to do with being a “Social Butterfly” why would she bother? She could’nt even make good on her threat to visit Rwanda for gods sake.

  42. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have better things to do than worry about who will become president. Thanks Jon Stewart for pointing out the Hilton family contributes to McCain’s campaign.

  43. EuroNeckPain

    Obama is too good for the United States. He’ll probably get assassinated.

  44. Parasite Hilton’s parents give McCain money and he turns around and brands their daughter as one of the things wrong with America? What a shitty thing to do to one of your supporters.

  45. el ces

    “biggest celebrity in the world,” eh?

    One, Obama is not more famous than Paris or Britney.

    Two, yes, they should’ve asked permission first. Its not like Paris would’ve said no, Britney either.

  46. CJ

    I think once you’ve established a proven record for hating underwear and like making sleezy porno..your right to permission for anything is revoked.

    Who cares what they like?

  47. Janie_J

    In all fairness, all Barak Obama needs to do is run an ad with Heidi and Spencer endorsing McCain to one up this.

  48. Mr. Blackwell

    Memo to the two clowns in the last pic: Learn how to fucken dress yourselves. Wearing fat-assed jeans with dress shirts and cuff links is never cool. When did dressing like a slob in public become an acceptable “fashion” trend?

  49. katia

    LOL so right 47 thats the best point i’ve heard on this one yet

  50. Marybel

    Who gives a rat’s ass what Paris Hilton thinks? That piece of vapidity just made me decide to vote for McCain. Thanks Wonky McValtrex!

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