Paris Hilton: Not ready for dating, but who’s up for some whoring?

December 2nd, 2008 // 68 Comments

Paris Hilton is in no rush to replace Benji Madden. In fact, she’s downright repulsed by the thought of another relationship, according to The Sun:

“I don’t have dating on my mind at all. Just the thought of dating someone else grosses me out.
“No way.”

However, what doesn’t gross Paris out is pushing the ol’ girls up and hitting Bardot nightclub in LA last night. Sure, maybe she had sex with three bartenders, the coat check guy and, let’s assume, David Spade, but at least she’s not being monogamous again. That’s just nasty.


  1. dave

    Last pic is not bad at all.

  2. Jackson

    Now that Paris Herpes got her pictures taken, she can take off her industrial extreme cleavage bra because trying to squeeze little tits together to make cleavage is painful lol!

  3. Jamie's Uterus

    She’s on her way to being patient zero again and creating another new STD. Watch out world!

    In other news, the center for disease control in Atlanta has identified her as public enemy number one for the 5th straight year.

  4. bart

    parent fail

  5. bart


  6. Paris have a lot of haters because she thinks like a guy, she sees you, likes you, she will bang you instantly! she doesnt need your money! I knew that “Monogamous deal wouldnt work…

  7. bart


  8. Confident Male

    I’m sorry if this goes against the grain on your typical celebrity bashing boards, but this chick is smoking hot! Come up with stupid excuses all you want, but I’d hit that anytime.

    Now back to you anonymous internet pussies with small dicks and low self-esteem…

  9. Rob


    Paris looks like a man in drag so perhaps you have gay tendencies. I’m not into flat chested man in drag looking chicks that look anorexic

  10. el ces

    Hm, grosses her out, eh?

    I wonder what happened with Mr. Madden?

  11. More Confident Male

    She looks like a tranny.

  12. el ces

    Pic 4, gritting her teeth.

  13. dave

    Smoking hot outfit.

  14. Duke Steele

    Confident Male: You must be full of confidence if you think you can hit that skank and not walk away with herpes. Go ahead. I dare you!

  15. Confident Male Again

    I wish PAris would put on a strap-on dildo and pork my virginal ass cavity, I like tranny’s!!

  16. Confident Male Again

    I wish PAris would put on a strap-on dildo and pork my virginal ass cavity, I like tranny’s!!

  17. Confident Male Again

    I wish PAris would put on a strap-on dildo and pork my virginal ass cavity, I like tranny’s!!

  18. Confident Male Again

    I wish PAris would put on a strap-on dildo and pork my virginal ass cavity, I like tranny’s!!

  19. HELP NEED!!

    Anyone has a good re-mix or alternative for this line. Having a real hard time coming up with something good. Your help would really be appreciated.
    Thks Holmes.

    Dawg, this party’s the shit. After tonight, college parties gonna look like elementary naps.

  20. scabbeus

    Not your usual DSL with this skank. In her case:

    Stench and

  21. alex

    silly paris — she should know that pleated skirts are not allowed after high school

  22. Kahlee

    You guys know there are male skanks too right? That men can be hos and carry diseases too? Just as long as you are fair and judge a man the same way, carry on by all means…

  23. Jackson is a chick who's obsessed with Kim Kardaskank..

    ..otherwise known as ‘Gina’.

    Admit it.

  24. Aja

    Is it just me or is she starting to look really pretty? The first pic – she looks beautiful, don’t lie.

  25. therusskie

    Unless that’s some REAL good makeup, gurlfriend got her some BOTOX!

  26. isitin

    I’d fuck her between her tits.

  27. PostmortemG

    So someone finally did her makeup ‘right’, she’s wearing a tits enhancing bra, and her flat ass is conveniently not pictured. Big deal.

    “Come up with stupid excuses all you want, but I’d hit that anytime.”


  28. Izzy

    Dear God,

    When did you endow Paris Hilton with such reasonably sized breasts? For I distinct remember her resembling a plank.

    She who does not understand your crazy ways.

  29. Agent Ellison

    She could be a machine sent from the future-a terminator!

  30. Ted from LA

    I can’t take this site anymore. You got greedy and fucked it up completely Fish. So long. Happy Holidays to all of you. This is the last you’ll hear from Ted from LA. I’m pulling the plug on him. True story. Praying for mimi. Keep cheerful Randal. It was an inside job Binky. May you find true love Mike the Goatfucker.

  31. Tyrone from East LA

    Hello. I’m new to this site. It looks like a funny place to share creative thoughts. However, what in the fuck were they thinking when they plastered all those pop-ups, ads, and annoying “you just won some stupid fucking gift” voice over ads bullshit? Come to think of it, I’m out of here before my computer crashes.

  32. Wombat

    From what I hear, she’s so elitist she won’t even look at bartenders when she’s ordering a drink from them, so I’m guessing the bartenders didn’t get any action from Ms. Hilton. On another note, David Spade has had a pained expression lately….

    Confident Male Again, go get help. Please. See a professional.

  33. 1moreidiotintheworld

    just plain fucking nasty…. what more could be said?

  34. boobs?

    what is the deal with her boobies? one min they are flat flat flat….and now they are pretty damn big (i can already hear the ‘they aren’t that big.’ but they are for someone who isn’t fat and doesn’t actually have implants.) i gotta say…my c’s look like that when i dress ‘em up and push ‘em out… the hell did she get a’s to do it? and more importantly, will it work to make mine look like dd’s?

  35. Rynn

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  36. tc

    I don’t understand.

    When I look at this woman, I see an beautiful face, nice thick hair, good skin and a hot bod. Yet all she seems to do is take abuse about how ugly she is.

    I bet she has got a nice tight cunt too.

  37. Joseph Matthews

    Heh, I never thought she was particularly good looking back in the day, but in my opinion she’s looking better now.

    were the herpes rumors ever confirmed? Or as much as they can be…

  38. ishi-san

    Is it just me, or did anyone else notice that she is green in the face?

  39. cutie_pie

    love her skirt … i saw one like that at her friend Kira Plastinina’s store this weekend .. she’s got a ttlly huge sale at her site rt now too, 50% off everything!! check it –

  40. Clem

    Paris needs to drive more.

  41. You're fucking dumb.

    #36 “I bet she has got a nice tight cunt too.”

    Yeah because whores are tight in that area, dickhead.

  42. mimi

    ALL of you make me sick and like Ted from LA (thank GOD he’s gone) I wish the rest of you would leave this site. We need lovers here and not haters.

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  44. gfgdg

    i agree she looks like a transvestite!! i wudnt hit on her in a club, cudnt b sure theres not a shlong lurking between those tiny legs.

    …………………………………………………………………………………………..STRANGE, folks?

  46. Omg! Paris looks like terrible. I think there is a fine line between sexy and cheap.. sorry Paris

  47. My penis is so confused… down boy! DOWN!!!

    Maybe it’s her patented inflataboobs…

  48. Valtrex Exec

    Paris is on the prowl and Valtrex stock is gonna soar.

  49. Binky

    # 30 See ya Ted.
    Everyone needs a break from this now and again.

  50. steve chen

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