Paris Hilton no longer wants a baby ASAP, apocalypse officially delayed

Paris Hilton is no longer desperately seeking impregnation. Ho. Ly. Shit! *pops open champagne* WHOOPEEEEE! Hollyscoop reports:

“You know right now I’m just focusing on my business. A lot of traveling around the world. There’s no time for a baby right now.
Paris added, “I would love to one day, but for right now it wouldn’t be right to have a kid because I don’t have the time. My schedule is so crazy, I am going to London next month for a couple of weeks to do my BFF show in London, so I have a lot of work cut out for me.”

You know who you don’t hear saying he wants a baby on the ASAP and we can thank for this turn of events? Benji Madden. Of course, he’s probably too busy scrubbing his testicles with a Brillo pad, but still.

Photos: Splash News