Paris Hilton models stuff

January 20th, 2009 // 91 Comments

Paris Hilton modeled for FILA on Venice Beach yesterday, and I can already read the ads now:

Love. Beauty. Urethric burning.

FILA: Because you should’ve worn a condom. If not two.

Well, I’m pumped to buy tennis shoes. Or saw my dick off. Who’s with me?!

Photos: Splash News

  1. mark

    first hoes

  2. sasha


  3. she looked better with her fake extensions…

  4. Proud Conservative

    You can post all the stories you want, but the funniest thing today already happened: Ted Kennedy was so happy that Obama was inaugurated that he broke down in tears…no…wait…it was seizures:

    “Obama mentioned Kennedy’s condition while speaking at the luncheon.

    Kennedy “was there when the Voting Rights Act passed,” the new president said. “Along with John Lewis, (he) was a warrior for justice. And so I would be lying to you if I did not say that right now, a part of me is with him. And I think that’s true for all of us. This is a joyous time. But it’s also a sobering time, and my prayers are with him and his family and (his wife) Vicki.”

    Former Vice President Mondale said he was sitting with Kennedy at their table, that he was doing fine when all of a sudden Kennedy started to convulse.”

    Now, put aside political correctness for a second and tell me that last sentence isn’t the funniest thing you’ve read today.

  5. the new brooke burke/wild on E show?

  6. granada


  7. hmmm...

    i used to think that she was at least pretty in the face with a hot body… cute or whatever. but now i think her face looks busted and her body is boring. i don’t even know what’s changed exactly.

  8. SATAN

    i never say this, but she looks hot

  9. Dr McNasty

    I totally agree with SATAN. Let’s fuck her!

  10. Come on….Two Paris posts in one day. Everyone is sick of looking at this hag.

  11. Randal

    The staying power of Paris Hilton has remained as big as the Hilton chain itself, sporting an acting career, singing career, modeling career, clothing line and even a perfume. Paris is as bright as they come and markets herself better than anyone in the industry right now. Top props to her.


  12. Mike Hawk

    FILA, Failure In Life Apparel. Perfect for the Wonkeye

  13. billabong021

    Those legs man, wtf!

  14. Vince Lombardi

    Ohhhh, she’s modeling…. I thought she was just parading around disrobing in hopes she can lure an unsuspecting victim to a life of herpes.

  15. agentgirl

    Modeling for K-Mart, maybe

  16. herbiefrog

    paris is ok… : )

    perhaps… ?

    cute at any …… ?

    what is the point of this post ?

    one of our babies : )))


  17. herbiefrog

    judas… ?

    is that you ? : ))

    thank the lord above…
    thought you were never coming back
    now we can go through with it…

  18. I must say she looks pretty on this pic. But why post about Paris when nothings actually happening to her.

  19. dinome

    I would like to smear my fecal matter all over her skinny body before ejaculating into her bird-like nose

  20. I can’t believe she is dating the myspace ceo. What a joke. i guess most men will do anything for a rich woman.

  21. Cormac McCartney

    Anybody see that show Benjamin Buttons?

  22. Balack Obama

    Fuck! She is a hot piece of ass!

  23. Cormac McCartney

    Anybody see that show Benjamin Buttons?

  24. Cormac McCartney

    I’m sorry posted twice post.

  25. ann

    She really needs to give it up,is she modeling for a new std drug. Who in their right mind would pay this piece of trash?!

  26. Cormac McCartney

    Michael Hawk. Did you see that show Benjamin Buttons?

  27. Cormac McCartney

    Vince Lombardi? Did you see that show Benjamin Buttons?

  28. Cormac McCartney

    SAsha did you see that show Benjamin Buttons?

  29. Cormac McCartney

    I’m be back. I need a gyro before Benjamin Buttons.

  30. Hmmm

    Not very nice legs, but she’s keeping the rest of herself in fine shape…

  31. Aristotrash

    Shortest. Legs. Ever.

  32. yuki

    @31 agree her bodne structure is very bas she has normal body not hot or cute

  33. amanda

    ya know, i never noticed how short her legs are before… the skirt/sneaker combo isn’t helping any, but man, is she ever out of proportion!

  34. Sport

    Damn she is such a nasty, worthless skank. The dude is better looking, and I’m a guy.

  35. Mary Poppins

    Look at those huge man feet! I wonder if they will photoshop her feet smaller?

  36. anna

    She has short and ugly legs.. and less hair then ever.. A tuna sandwich would look better

  37. kate

    She is really very hot on the ***seekingsugarmomma. c om*** . There are so many hot pics on videos on that web. If you have a look, you will not want to move the eyes.

  38. timmy the dying boy

    I’m with you, Superficial Guy. I think you should saw your dick off too.

  39. Just_As_it_IS

    I have to say she looks HOT.
    That combination of mini skirt and sneakers is a big turn-on for me.

  40. azalea

    What the hell is wrong with her knees?

  41. Pikachelsea

    wtf is up with her legs? She looks like a disabled idiot. I am so tired of her “Oh look at me and my cute wittle legs turning inwards” pose. What a douche.

  42. Dorian

    Come on folks, who better to model gear for a shoe & sportswear company than a (cough) woman (cough) with GIGANTIC FEET. I use the word woman lightly, she’s a whore.

    I’ll say it again: Ugly skank has claw like hands, giant tallons for feet, beak like nose and a bird size brain. Need i say more. God has a sense of humor. Her herpes are just a just desert. Bitch earned her crotch misery. Shame on her for passing it around, but then again, she is shameless.

  43. Cormac McCartney

    I eat my gyro.

  44. Cormac McCartney

    It Benjamins Button time. Please to not tell me what’s happen. Gyro was delicness.

  45. Pastor Rick Warren

    Dear God,

    Ine night with this beautiful, sensual, delicious, rich love machine. And did I say rich? PLEASE God, I don’t ask for much. You ignored my prayers for a weekend with Whitney Port. And Kim Kardashian. And Amy Winehouse. This one is really all I want, dear Lord.

    Thank You!

  46. Fati

    I wonder if I would’ve turned out to be a mindless whore, had I been born into a billionaire family and not have to lift a finger during the course of life. I like to think that not.

  47. Gerald_Tarrant

    Damn, I’d be almost willing to risk the Herp and the dangers of seeing the wonk in person to bend this chick like laws are bent for celebrities (all the way over).

    Almost. Even with the knees and the stumps and the flippers that she calls feet. I can’t lie, the short hair isn’t that bad to me. Hey, it’s not my fault, this damn erection has lasted for more than 4 hours and I didn’t call a doctor. I guess this is just an unfortunate side effect.

  48. LondonBabe

    It’s a special day for gods sake!

    Where are all the Obama pictures?

  49. Oral Granville Roberts

    Good riddance to George W Bush and Dick Cheney!

  50. jambi

    the herpes jokes are getting old…think of something new, please?

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