Paris Hilton makes ugly faces

April 11th, 2007 // 79 Comments




  1. DeArmond

    i dont know if she can help it…
    honestly this girl has had a lot of surgery, especailly for someone at her young age.

  2. schack

    what the fuck is she wearing?

  3. Now this is news worthy of all that is Superficial.

  4. Donkey

    Looks like the same stupid pouty face that she always makes.

  5. theropes

    Hilarious pictues… thanks for making my day!

  6. Donkey

    How does someone her age have a neck-wrinkle like a 50 year old?

  7. Donkey

    I just realized… she’s the modern Black Dahlia.

  8. lambman

    Good outfit Paris, you know if its 5 years ago and you’re Gwen Stefani

  9. havoc

    Exactly Donkey.

    Same face as usual.

  10. acescence

    i, too, would have to get really really stoned before hanging out with paris

  11. combustion8

    How bout a really hard right cross punch that takes them both out.

  12. BarbadoSlim

    Complex magawhat? Josh Who? Paris? Who the hell are these people?

  13. xeurohottiex

    that’s one ugly dog you’ve got there Josh, I recommend a leash for that nose alone

  14. kamihi

    Lord how about a hard kick to the solar plexus, just to get a natural and unposed expression out of her. I hate this chick, yeah there I said it, shes a fake and a phoney and I wish she’d drown in a pool of her own vomit! oooh yeah glad I got that off my chest!

  15. LilRach

    They both look wasted. Even her non-lazy eye is having a hard time staying open.

    Who is this guy anyway???

  16. BigJim

    She’s just doing a facial impersonation of what her own vagina looks like.

  17. BigJim

    In much more important news, the wife of Danny Bonadouchebag filed for divorce:

    Oh, the humanity!

  18. Truthseeker013

    Jeez, look at her hand. Mine looked like that once. After I had pneumonia and lost thirty-six pounds.

  19. BarbadoSlim

    Nah, no need to get physical and risk contagion. 45 to both their heads, two contact shots and then let her get the rest of clip as her blood slowly pools on the sidewalk.

  20. hahahahaha!! Just got back, and I get this headline????
    Paris makes ugly faces!

    Captain Obvious just slapped me across the face. I’m ready for that Tini now girly!!

  21. virus

    i guess she was at the “who looks the worse” competition

  22. y_do_i_care

    Obviously Paris has to drug Josh to go out with her. How long until he goes to rehab? Is it me or have most of Paris’s “friends” entered rehab? Hmmmm………..

  23. mae

    The sad part is, I can imagine her making faces like this to herself all day.

  24. HollyJ

    In that first pic, she’s still swishing his cum around in her mouth.

  25. veggi

    Oh, Holly… and I was going to eat my low fat yogurt!

  26. Lowlands

    If the guy arrives in this state at Heathrow airport.He for sure isn’t coming in.

  27. LilRach

    Hey where have her big boobies gone????

    So it was a very impressive bra all along!

  28. if i were paris hilton (which i am not) i would have gotten plastic surgery on myself a long time ago. it’s not the funny faces she makes, she’s just naturally…ugly. and by ugly, i mean almost as ugly as nicolas cage with his face gone in the movie “Face Off.” oh yea, that’s ugly as hell…that and a monkey.

  29. Does she ever make faces that AREN’T ugly?

    I’d still stick it in her pooper, though.

  30. #25 how do u think I feel? I just spit out a large amount of milk. thanx alot HollyJ!!

    funny joke though.

  31. Superfish

    #29 the only proper face paris hilton has been known to make is the face where she doesn’t show it at all. and even THAT isn’t proper enough. oh yea, I’d stick it in the exact same spot…only to piss on her later

  32. Gerald Tarrant

    Wow, Paris went outside and didn’t show her tits. And like veggi said, thanks Captain Obvious. What’s next, the sun is hot?

  33. chaunceygardner

    They look like a couple of burn victims after a few skin grafts.

  34. TheRanchTooth

    I’d slap him with Paris’ assflap.

  35. arden

    She’s trying to keep that head tilted to cover her bad eye. *grin*

  36. FRIST!!!

    Shorry Vegggi I drianked them all….(hiccup)

  37. imran karim

    seriously what does she do with her life

  38. FRIST!!!

    Who the fuck is Josh?

  39. Claudita

    She stole those looks from Zoolander! Shame on you Paris!

  40. suzy

    didn’t that guy used to go out with ashlee simpson when she had her tv show thing on mtv?

    i’m not sure he’s very bright

  41. suzy

    well.. duh to my own comment.. cuz he’s with paris lol

  42. NicotineEyePatch

    I hate her. So much.

  43. “it looks like they were having some sort of contest to see who could make me want to punch them in the face harder”

    This is why I read the Superficial. God bless you Mr. Super.

  44. cruey

    i’m so gross for remembering this, but josh henderson was on that show popstars 2, which created the group scene 23. the first popstars created eden’s crush.

    i’m going to go rip out my guts now.

  45. teetee

    The jokes on Paris, that dude is obviously gay.

  46. NicotineEyePatch

    45, and he’s definitely on drugs, because not only is he attracted to Paris, but it appears he also finds himself attractive. Yep, definitely hopped up on somethin’.

  47. BarbadoSlim

    @44…you, sicken me.

  48. iamsosmrt

    Why has no one exterminated this bitch yet? Fuck Hollywood you have a serious vermin problem. Take care of that shit. Honestly why is this bitch still alive. Has no one read the prophecy;
    Kill Paris Hilton, Save the World.

    What I can’t understand is why any guy would touch this flesh bag filled with STDs and bones. What the fuck. Every second there is a new guy ready and willing to watch their privates melt off. Does he really hate his penis that much, I mean sure he

  49. ImaCracka

    I think I speak for everyone in saying……


    I feel like Ive been robbed……….

    Someone hold me………

  50. woodhorse

    RIP OFF! Simple Life is supposed to be a fish-out-of-water sitcom: Paris giving enemas is probably the only job which she would actually be suited for.

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