Paris Hilton makes out with Cisco Adler


I don’t know why, but Paris Hilton was spotted making out with Mischa Barton’s ex, Cisco Adler, at Guy’s karaoke night yesterday. TMZ reports:

A spy spotted Hilton and Mischa Barton’s grungy ex-boyfriend kissing all over each other at the club last night, with Paris going so far as to give Adler a little lap dance. When she wasn’t getting randy in the crowd, Paris graced the stage with a rendition of “Bette Davis Eyes,” followed by a medley of her hit “Stars are Blind.”

In case you’ve forgotten, this is what Cisco Adler looks like. Paris Hilton isn’t exactly the most desirable woman, but even she could do better than Cisco. You could pour some oatmeal on a mop and end up with a better looking man. Probably more human looking genitals too.