Paris Hilton lowers the appeal of any event


Paris Hilton is banned from attending this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Many felt Paris’ presence last year “cheapened” the event. E! Online reports:

Munich locals complained that their annual bender was “selling out” by having celebs shill during the big swill.
But probably the key reason for banning Paris was that last year she was pimping her own brand of canned wine. For Bavarian beer snobs, canned beer is blasphemy, canned wine an abomination.

So Paris Hilton cheapens an event where people get sloppy drunk. Makes absolute perfect sense. When they’re planning the next Wife Beaters & Bourbon-Whiskey convention, Paris Hilton will probably not be allowed there either. Don’t worry they’ll have cheap, out-of-shape strippers and cock-fights, but no Paris. No way. These gentlemen have high standards and deserve a classy evening.

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