Paris Hilton loses phone service for hacking Lindsay Lohan


Paris Hilton has been dropped with about 50 other people from SpoofCard phone services after it was discovered the mailboxes of Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities had been hacked. SpoofCard provides a fake caller ID number and voicemail services for celebrities or anybody else that wants some extra privacy.

When questioned about it by, SpoofCard attorney Mark Del Bianco stated that “Paris was entering unauthorized mailboxes,” but when it came to Lohan, “a number of the 50 persons [whose service was canceled] were making unauthorized entrances to Miss Lohan’s voicemail.”

They don’t actually accuse Paris Hilton of hacking Lindsay Lohan’s mailbox specifically, they just purposely mention that Paris was dropped and Lindsay was hacked, letting you the detective put two and two together. Although accusing Paris Hilton of hacking into electronic accounts is like accusing a monkey of composing the works of Mozart. Except that Paris is slightly less qualified.