Paris Hilton likes illegal pets

paris_kinkajou.jpgApparently the monkey that’s been causing trouble for Paris Hilton isn’t a monkey at all, but rather a kinkajou that’s illegal to own in California.

The hotel heiress returned home from a trip to Las Vegas with her latest animal friend, even though it is illegal to keep the creatures as pets in Los Angeles.

“We’ll send them a letter just to let them know we’re aware they have a restricted species,” a spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Game told Teen Hollywood.

Hilton’s representative Elliot Mintz explained, “Paris is a law-abiding citizen. If she receives a letter from the Fish and Game people, I’m sure it will be reviewed and acted upon accordingly.”

As long as whatever it is keeps on biting and clawing Paris’ face, I say we get a petition going around to let her keep the damn thing. It’ll only be a matter of months before we hear about Paris contracting rabies after her crazy kinkajou bites her in the leg. And you can’t put a price on Paris Hilton with rabies. You could try, but you’d just end up looking like an idiot.

Thanks to Linda for the tip.

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