Paris Hilton lied about doing drugs

July 10th, 2007 // 79 Comments

Paris Hilton told Larry King she’d never done drugs before, but over the weekend when she went to club Teddy’s in Hollywood she was seen getting out of her SUV in a “cloud of marijuana smoke.” A witness tells Page Six:

“She took a huge puff off of a joint, then opened the door and exhaled the pot smoke basically in my face.”

Paris Hilton lied during her Larry King interview? Shocking! If you could see me you’d see my mouth agape, eyes wide open, and both hands on my face. Just like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone! Aww, aren’t I adorable?

Check out more pics from Paris Hilton’s weekend outing (and massive cleavage) here.


  1. billy


  2. wedgeone

    FRIST! bitches!

  3. sucks for you

    she’s a fucking moron. but then, we all knew that

  4. Oh I was almost 1st.

  5. Diddle Doo

    BIG SUPRISE! She’s a loser.

  6. yolatengo


  7. Guy

    marijuana smoke looks different to cigarette smoke?

    *sigh* your empire is crumbling superficial…

  8. veggi

    This is nothing. Yesterday, she was frolicking around in my horse pasture picking mushrooms from piles of shit.

  9. Shinanigans

    Wait a second! Paris is out of jail?!? That needed more media coverage

  10. Diddle Doo


  11. Malissa from Milwaukee

    Yeah just like she lied to the world and said she acts dumb And actually she is dumb. I mean come on now like the world is that stupid…

  12. That’s a real shocker. What’s with her tits in that picture? It’d be nice if they were in fact that large. Even so she’s worthless.

  13. Paris Hilton lies like a rug and has the attention span of a flash bulb. She truly does have the mind of a simpleminded, selfish, spoiled child. I am still waiting for her to unveil her Safe House plans.

  14. Jimbo

    Dosen’t that hurt to push your tits up into you face? I know if I pushed my nuts up to my belly button I would be in extreme pain.

  15. zuzuspetals

    Why do people find cleavage attractive? I just don’t see the wonder of it- the Wonderbra. Maybe Victoria’s Secret should launch an article of clothing that accentuates upper-arm and thigh fat, too.

  16. Paris,GoAwayAlready!!

    @15 – You are assuming there is anything human or natural about that creature and is therefore capable of experiencing pain. Either that or she is partaking of some really fine narcotics to dull the pain.

  17. Valtrex Paris

    Hye Paris, drugs called, they want you to stop ruining thier brand name.

  18. haha

    i’ve seen pictures on here and other websites of her smoking joints. what makes me mad is not that fact that she lied about smoking pot but that she has all that friggin money and smokes some small ass joints. if i was that rich i would be walking everywhere with a godfather blunt.

  19. Jimbo

    @16 we just love boobs period. The biger the boobs the biger the cleavage is. That is why we like cleavage!!!!

  20. jrzmommy


  21. lambman

    #6 here here, Lets just all stop commenting on posts on her, and site will stop posting them….starting…now!

  22. I hate this chick, but that cleavage is fucking phenomenal. She is border on, gasp, attractive from the neck down in a couple of those.

  23. Jimbo

    I like cock too!

  24. justifiable

    Oh please, Paris lies like old people fuck. How ironic that anyone who’s gullible enough to buy this latest one must be on drugs.

  25. School Marm

    omg she uses the illegal marijuana?!?! How dare she! I bet she also has premarital sex. If my ballot initiative to bring back public stoning (no pun intended) passes in September, she’ll be the first target!

  26. danigirl

    lol that girl is so lame beyond her loose fucking vagina….and when i say loose vagina i mean the size of the grand canyon…and when i say grand canyon i mean im 99.9% postivie you could ride the donkeys all the way to bottom. she needs to be shot.

  27. zuzuspetals

    I think breasts of all shapes and sizes are great. But when they are presented as they are in this photo, they remind me of udders.
    I get sick of seeing it.
    And it’s because of your mentality that people like Jessica Simpson continue to be famous, despite a remarkable lack of talent. I wish there were a separate Internet and news media for people driven by such obsessions.

  28. mpiatt

    Paris never said that she didn’t do drugs, she said that she was never addicted to them. Thats a big difference.

  29. Soundclash

    Pft, didn’t you know? it’s Medicinal Marijuana, for her “Medical Condition”. Read the headlines folks. <— Sarcasm included. Are her pants on fire too?

  30. Coco

    her tits are hideous. no surprise there really. and why is she smoking dope? that is the lamest thing – as if she’s not totally void of any personality already

  31. johnsmith


  32. Well, I hate her. But I must say… Marijuana IS NOT a drug. Although I dont expect her to be smart enough to realize that, for all yall out there who think otherwise… you could benefit from clicking the link!!

    Pot is NOT a drug.

  33. Misty

    How does she manage to go from titless to huge tits than back to titless???

    A push up bra can’t give you D cup boobs when you have A cup boobs

  34. GinnyPotter

    #34, she must have socks shoved in there…

  35. KG

    She’s probably one of the idiots who feel that pot isn’t a drug. Anything that alters/messes with your internal chemistry is a drug.

  36. sucks for you

    anybody remember when she said she only ever had sex w/ 2 guys? you know, the guy from the video and her “fiance” (sp?)

  37. kneejerker

    Oh my gosh, lock her up again!!!

    I wonder how many times people will want her prosecuted for stuff they do all the time?

  38. michelle

    i am shocked and appalled that she lied to us! who does she think she is?

    oh wait, that is paris hilton? definitely no shocker their about the drugs but can’t rich heiresses afford better drugs than marijuana?

  39. We-Le-Surrender....

    38 – Actually, can we skip the lockup and go straight to death by hanging? Find a redeeming point about Paris. I challenge you…

  40. jrzmommy


  41. realist

    Paris Hilton is amusing, much more so when she gets into trouble. That’s it. It’s unimaginable to me to get worked up about anything about her. Just laugh and move on with your day, that’s what she’s here for.

  42. jakebarnes

    Maybe she didn’t lie. Maybe this was her first time.

    And maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt.

  43. TS

    If you say FIRST, you are a fucking DORK! Bottom line. There’s absolutely no way around it.

  44. whitegold

    Maybe the cloud of smoke around her as she exited the SUV was just cuz she was lookin so smokin hot!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzing!

  45. whitegold

    But seriously, some random and anonymous “witness” who saw Paris get out of an SUV with smoke around her is now a reliable and news worthy source to report that Paris is doing drugs?! Look, we’ve all seen video evidence and heard her on tape talking about doing drugs, so I’m not about to say that I think she is perfectly clean or anything, and I’m not going to say that the smoke around her wasn’t from weed, but really, this “eye witness report” is going to be considered credible?!

  46. no1justminda

    I’m pretty sure no one cares! Paris is not news, she’s a disease spreading out of control over the whole country…and oh God, it burns!

  47. PrettyBaby

    #46 Yes. We have deemed it credible.

  48. tiredofparis

    You know what I don’t get? If she’s currently on probation, (which she is for 2 years I believe), how can she be smoking weed? They make you take random drug tests when you’re on probation!

  49. Mikael

    What the hell kind of jail provides breast implants for its inmates?

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