Paris Hilton had a shitty week

So, remember when Paris Hilton’s house was broken into while she was at Christina Aguilera’s birthday party? Two fun facts about that: 1. TMZ reports Paris left the front door unlocked while relying solely on her chihuahua for security. And 2. Surprise! She wasn’t even invited to Christina’s party in the first place, according to Page Six:

Hilton and Flickinger were at LA restaurant Saam Thursday night in the private dining area when Christina Aguilera, who was celebrating her 28th birthday, walked in. “Christina was with hubby Jordan Bratman, Nicole Richie and Joel and Benji Madden,” our spy said. “Paris wasn’t invited and left shortly before they arrived so she wouldn’t have to see Benji or be asked to leave the private area for Christina.”

Didn’t Paris just say something about having great karma? Then again, when your vagina technically qualifies as a landfill, I guess getting robbed and becoming a social pariah still warrants a smiley face in your diary for the day:

“<3 At least nobody died from my genitals! Yay!! :D”

Photos: Pacific Coast News, WENN