Paris Hilton kills at comedy

Paris Hilton received the Harvard Lampoon magazine’s “Woman of the Year” award yesterday. Paris visited the prestigious school and greeted the crowd by saying “Harvard is hot!” She gave a brief speech then decided to show off her comedy chops. The AP reports:

Hilton, who arrived an hour late for the festivities, told the crowd of about 100 people who greeted her that her “Simple Life” co-star Nicole Ritchie was with her, then added: “Just kidding.”

Ha! Did you see what she just did there? She said Nicole Richie was there. But then she really wasn’t! ROFLMAONKOTB! *wipes tear from eye* Phew, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. But, really, tell the campus police to open fire now. Watch out for her knees though. They shoot acid.

Photos: Splash News
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