Paris Hilton < Jon Gosselin?

While chatting with three women at at the Chateau Marmont Saturday night, Jon Gosselin apparently had “verbal diarrhea” and bared his whole life story. Including the part where he’s now more famous than Paris Hilton, according to E! Online:

No surprise, but Gosselin trashed estranged wife Kate. “He kept calling her evil and psycho,” the source says. “He also said he has proof on all kinds of stuff that will come out down the road.”
When Gosselin insisted that he was trying to “change his image,” one of the women asked him to then explain why his trip to the West Coast has included very public outings to a Dodgers game and celebrity eatery the Ivy and an appearance at Millions of Milkshakes.
“Jon didn’t really have a reason, but said he was so famous that he can’t go anywhere without the paparazzi following him,” the source says. “He sounded really bitter about Kate being on The View. He said when she does something like that everyone is fine with it, but anytime he does something he gets s–t for it.”
He then said he was more famous than Paris Hilton, and that 500 cars drive by the Gosselins’ Pennsylvania family home on any given day, the source continues.

As a little experiment to see who people prefer, I posted pics of Paris launching her new sunglasses line over the weekend. While these pics actually have breasts instead of a balding Asian man, my genitals now look like they’ve been through a nuclear winter. So still too close to call at this point.

Photos: WENN