Paris Hilton is very modest


Paris Hilton reportedly has huge portraits of herself covering her home, and when guests arrived to her birthday party they were asked to sign a giant poster of her face. A reporter from the London Mirror says:

“Upon entry, guests were handed silver pens and told to write gushing messages on a gigantic portrait of the ever-modest party hostess.” Hanging in the living room was an enormous picture of Hilton, and when guests entered the dining room – yet another “gargantuan” portrait of the heiress. Revelers were treated to fortune cookies, and the message inside each of them was the same: “Happy Birthday Paris.”

Nothing Paris Hilton does could surprise me anymore. She could have a giant amusement park in her living room called Paris Hilton Land and it’d make sense. Every night she probably kisses a lifesize cardboard cutout of herself before crawling into a giant scultpure of her head and falling asleep.

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