Paris Hilton is truth in advertising

In a surprising display of literacy, Paris Hilton is pissed about the above billboard popping up all over New Zealand, according to the Sunday Star Times:

The photo, which shows Hilton partying, has the word “vacant” written in giant-sized lettering across it.
Hilton’s Los Angeles-based manager Jamie Freed said Wellington billboard company, Media5, had no permission to use Hilton’s image, and they could expect to hear from Hilton’s lawyers.

I love how Paris Hilton’s own manager doesn’t even try to dispute the content of the billboard and sticks solely with the legal aspects. He’s paid to make his client look awesome no matter what, yet saw this and went “Aw, shit, they got us.”

Thanks to Dylan who wonders how you administer penicillin to a stretch of highway and/or get it to drink a whole bunch of cranberry juice.

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