Paris Hilton is single and flashing her vagina

June 10th, 2009 // 98 Comments

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt have apparently called it quits, according to People:

“In response to the inquiry on whether Paris Hilton has split up with Doug Reinhardt, yes, this is true they are no longer together. They remain friends and ask that you please respect their privacy,” a rep for Hilton says.

By “respect their privacy,” did they mean post a picture of Paris’ vagina from Monday night on the Internet? Because that’s how I interpreted it.

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW version of napalmed cooch. (Nam vets, this may cause flashbacks.)


  1. lamo

    i dont want to be first…

  2. hilton is a skank

    oh no, lost my appetite

  3. Jesus

    It looks like underwear.

  4. Jesus

    It looks like underwear.

  5. BUbb

    Is that a five o’clock shadow?

  6. lmao

    Number 1…that is freakin funy!

  7. lmao

    Is that a fish tank!

  8. Courtyardpigeon

    She has the largest feet of any woman I’ve ever seen. Does she shop at Trannies R Us?

  9. riz

    have you never seen a vagina before? she’s clearly wearing nude underwear.


  10. Starkist

    Looks like a bruise, bruise, bruise.
    Is that an echo, echo, echoooooooooo.

  11. mikeock

    Flesh colored underwear, but I suppose if you’re gay and the closest you’ve come to seeing a woman’s crotch was on the Barbie dolls you played with as a kid, you might make that mistake

  12. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Yeah, it’s underwear. Even if she isn’t wearing any, there’s no vagina to be seen, not by a long shot, but I guess “Paris Hilton is single and flashing some uninteresting part of her crotch” just doesn’t have the same zing to it.

  13. ambidextrous handjob

    Where’s the beef (curtains)?

  14. Mr. Class


  15. Jason

    What’s with this new round of celebrity vag? Its so 2007.

  16. Jealous of Ken

    #11 – Don’t underestimate the pleasing touch of Barbie’s silky-smooth plastic legs and huge rack. Once you’re done though, it’s impossible to get it out of her fake hair. Kinda like doing a chick with prosthetics and a wig…

  17. Some Girl

    Who buys underwear that color?!

  18. Any lawyer in da house? how do i sue fish for perversion of the truth?

  19. friendlyfires

    Crap, my monitor broke, Paris owes me, but in retrospect, it was quite heroic, the ol’ CRT gave it’s life to save my eyes and my rapidly diminishing mental health

  20. Julia

    Was that a rerun of Letterman just the other night……..they were celebrating their 6 month anniversary. He seemed almost like a normal guy. You know the normal guy that will put up with anything that puts out. Maybe 6 months is his limit.

  21. Julia

    Was that a rerun of Letterman just the other night……..they were celebrating their 6 month anniversary. He seemed almost like a normal guy. You know the normal guy that will put up with anything that puts out. Maybe 6 months is his limit.

  22. ^_^

    Shes wearing flesh colored underwear. I’m starting to think Fish hasn’t ever seen a real woman naked.

  23. Mike

    only underwear here, no need to put the big star in the way.

    Safe for work but, safe for your health is another story ;)

  24. only underwear here, no need to put the big star in the way.

    Safe for work but, safe for your health is another story ;)

  25. I'm so Vapid

    I’ll have the Roast Beef with a side of Valtrex PLEASE!!!…. My crotch suddenly feels itchy….

  26. joho777

    It must be flesh colored panty hose.

    When Paris was showing that thing to the paparazzi back in 2007, I remember she really had a bad problem with black stubble. It looked like the worst 5 O’Clock shadow you ever saw.

    So this photo has had some filtering action.

    Unless she is using the flesh colored makeup that the porn actresses use. I guess that’s a possibility.

  27. okal


  28. dk

    Fish aint never seen a vagina! WTF your banned, I once seen him wrestle a T- Rex, and I let him fuck both mi wives you ignorant bitch!

  29. duh patrol roundup

    #17 What the hell kind of girl are you? You buy underwear that color to wear under white and other pale colors so it doesn’t show through. Have mom explain it to you.

    #27 It’s not pantyhose, her legs are bare. Clueless. Meet #17. Just never have kids.

  30. Those photos gave me pink-eye.

  31. CrunchPop

    So one vapid cunt kicked another idiot cunt to the curb, and the cunt’s cunt is now liberated with all of its cuntness.

    As you can tell, I’m a huge Hilton fan.

    No wonder Grandpa kicked that cunt out of the inheritance. Not that she’s hurting for dough, the fucking cunt that she is….

    Cunt cunt cunt.

    OK, I’m done.

  32. AW75

    Any organization out there that advocates death penalty?
    Hook nose cant’ go on living like that. This girl HAS TO go.

  33. Definitely living up to her reputation as a SERIAL DATER. When will this girl settle down?

  34. DCMikeRotch

    It’s bAAAAaaaack

  35. Uh?

    Have any of you seen a vag before? If that’s underwear, it comes with its own stubbly meat-bits.

  36. Dooley

    #29 Sort of misses the mark when you get the numbers screwed up, doesn’t it? Duh – just don’t have any kids.

  37. She’s wearing undies for God’s sake.

  38. nom nom nom

    id eat it.

  39. Fati

    The Superficial writer is officially a virgin. No man who’s ever seen a vagina can mistake skin coloured panties for it. Go visit a prostitute for god’s sake.

  40. Ryan the Canadian

    I am not sure what looking at her naughty bits will do anyway. She fucked that dude with the creepy voice in that hotel. Rick Salomon….wherever he has been, I don’t want to see……..

  41. jessie

    She is so sexy, and I saw her profile on
    ____M i x e d m i n g l e . c o m_____, which is a dating service for whites and blacks to find their interracial love.

  42. Ew Gross

    Another guy with herpes. Now he has a don’t date me sign on his head. Benji Madden, this guy, Rick Solomon, Starvos, Some model guy, Nick Carter.. Who else has herpes? A ton of other guys…. Who will be the next flavor of the month??? Inquiring minds what to know! Just remember guys, Paris will give something to remember her by. Your penis will burn and itch forever. Might as well tattoo her name on your penis. Paris was here. Caution!

  43. budah

    who cares. shes just some rich chick who got famous for hanging out with other famous people.
    Talent getting guys to fuck her without being really high
    she can’t act , sing, dance or speak without sounding like she has an IQ of 32.damn porn is probably the only thing that shed be good at.
    sorry to the porn stars i just offended.

  44. Wasn’t she going to marry this one? *hahahaha*

  45. Prof

    Paris giving everyone a beaver shot… must be Thursday. When you get Megan Fox “without” panties in this pose then we’ll talk!

  46. haot

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  47. Galtacticus


  48. TheTruth

    There’s no underestimating how much of a idiot this b#tch is, but guys you can’t tell me you wouldn’t bang her still. I’d just the dirtiest prick ever, then take some money out of her bag after I’m done for my efforts.

  49. friendlyfires

    1.)If you’re a male aged puberty to twenty five, you will put dick in sand if handed a jar of petroleum jelly and a copy of Penthouse. So yes, all those hetereos who fit said mentioned criteria would line up for a Paris Hilton gangbang.

    2.)After a certain age, males start getting more discriminating where they stick their erect penises, so the unholy triumvirate of Paris, Lindsey and Britney gets relegated to the anti-Viagra pile. In fact, those stooges are kinda’ like fascinating train wrecks, really gross and unnerving, makes you wanna’ vomit, but you can’t pull your eyeballs away from the horrific spectacle … Amy Winehouse gets an honorable mention, hell, she’s in a class distinction all her own.

    3.)Notice only Britney is the only one who has spawned – what could a future Paris fetus be like? Satan must be behind the murder of Dr Hiller, the only last chance doctor to terminate an Anti-Christ embryo. That’s why I love Christians, they’d save the life of Lucifer but crucify the Christ – dumbasses, dumbasses, dumbasses!

    4.)When and how did Doug Rheinhardt regain consciousness ? Do they award Nobel Prizes for Heroism? Cos this guy saved humanity as long as possible. Now if we could trick her into a Reddi-Ice truck and cart her back to the South Pole …

    5.)I smell tobacco, booze and death … oh no … La Lohan is here … I’m really very scared … my testicles just tore off and ran off into the distance!

  50. angela

    #29 I love you. So I have nothing new to add, so I will just put another comment in here telling Fishie he’s being a stupid man again – thats underwear, dude. Not that I want to see it anyway, but it is what it is.

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