Paris Hilton is single

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt broke up again, according to E! News reports:

The reported split comes after weeks of Hilton and Reinhardt being photographed out separately. While Paris spent Easter with her family in Palm Springs, Reinhardt was in Aspen with his family.
Our sources say that Reinhardt had thought about visiting Hilton in Sin City to talk things out.
“He was in Aspen with his dad this weekend and was considering stopping by Vegas on the drive back, but changed his mind,” says our source. “I’m pretty sure that’s why he went to Aspen…to hide out and try to get over her.”

Damn, I was hoping these two would go to the distance. Paris and Doug had that special kind of abusive relationship that ends in her getting tossed out of a plane because they’re stinking rich. *sniff* You really don’t find a love like that twice in this life. Excuse me…

Photos: Splash News