Paris Hilton is restrained

*paris staresA court commissioner issued a restraining order Tuesday against Paris Hilton, ordering her to stay away from event producer Brian Quintana, who claimed she threatened and harassed him. Quintana testified that Hilton shoved him on at least three occasions and badmouthed him. Quintana said his relationship with Hilton soured after she interrupted a conversation in which Quintana was urging Hilton’s boyfriend Stavros Niarchos to reconsider dating her.

Hilton spokesman Elliot Mintz said that she was happy to keep distance between herself and Quintana. “If this results in Mr. Quintana having to have a distance between himself and Paris Hilton, she’s delighted,” Mintz said. “She doesn’t wish to have anything to do with this man.”

Look, I don’t particularly want to do another story on Paris Hilton. It’s not the high point of my day. But this bitch won’t stay out of the news. You could sit her in a room with a can of beans and the next day it’d be “Paris has sex with beans” or “Paris talks to beans – beans won’t answer” or “Paris eats beans, almost dies – discovers can is ‘not edible’.” So congrats to this Quintana guy on being the first man to keep Paris away without wearing some sort of chastity belt. Or being a priest. Or dressing as an octopus. Though that’s not a sure thing.


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