Paris Hilton is political


Paris Hilton – who told Larry King she reads the Bible even though she couldn’t come up with a single favorite passage – apparently told Larry King off camera that she’s also really into politics. The Scoop reports:

While off camera, King asked Paris Hilton if she votes, according to a source. Oh yes, Hilton responded. When did you last vote, King asked according to the insider, who says that Hilton replied, “Last year.” When King wanted to know which election she voted in, Hilton explained, “Presidential.” “I guess she forgot there was no presidential election last year,” quipped one amused source. “She was too busy reading the Bible.”

This is what happens when you’re really stupid and a liar. Or just really stupid. And since we’re on the topic of not being surprised by Paris Hilton, here she is spending the weekend in Malibu in her bikini. Let’s play a game of spot the attention whore. Can you do it? Can you spot the attention whore? This is a tough one, because there’s just so many people randomly posing on the beach and dancing to nonexistent music.