Paris Hilton is made of porn

September 26th, 2008 // 75 Comments

Artist Jonathan Yeo created the above portrait of Paris Hilton using nothing but old porn magazines. He’s currently exhibiting the work at a London art gallery along with a portrait of George W. Bush using the same medium. This Yeo fellow clearly has a knack for knowing when not to waste paint. FOX News reports:

He got the idea for the collages following the cancellation of a commission by the White House to paint Bush in 2004. He made the portrait, anyway, but in the form of a collage using pieces of pornographic magazines.
Barrett said posters of the Hilton portrait, titled “Paris, 2008,” will be sold for $20 each at the gallery.
She said Yeo was offering Hilton proceeds from the sale of the posters as a “lighthearted” gesture because the hotel heiress has said she didn’t receive any money from the notorious 2004 sex video that starred her and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon.

Sadly, you can’t see any of the porn in this picture (Trust me, I’ve gone through ten magnifying glasses.), but this is probably the classiest thing that will ever happen to Paris Hilton. Until I mold a statue of her out of used condoms. I love art!

UPDATE: I found a nipple and a penis. What do you guys got?

Photo: PopCrunch

  1. chaos

    her thumb is a penis,pretty sure one with and std

  2. chaos

    her thumb is a penis,pretty sure one with a std

  3. sd

    Almost first.

    and classy

  4. Love that her thumb is a penis

  5. What is this? Bimbo day on the superficial?

  6. Rick

    I love painting bush.

  7. HorribleJudgment

    Yes it does look like her thumb is a penis (the top at least). And that is one very large, and manly looking hand. Reminds me of the Seinfeld “man hands” episode.

  8. This just in...

    Art exhibit had to be cancelled when it was found out that no one would pay $20 for the posters. Paris, in a desperate attempt to keep it going offered to buy a few but then even she relized it was a waste of $.

  9. Clem

    This is the best that waste if space has looked in a long time.

  10. Michelle Obama

    My pussy smells like the monkeyhouse at the zoo.

  11. bored

    Entire nude torso, lower left corner.

    Yes, classiest Paris has ever looked…

  12. Alicat

    I’ve used magazine to make mosaics. Not pornos though. This guy is pretty good. Even though he chose Paris, and gave her a penis for a thumb…

  13. janex

    She doesn’t need a pacifier anymore.

  14. hilarsht

    i swear her nose is the head of a penis

  15. Bristol Palin

    I love cocks all over me!!!

  16. someguy

    Is that Ron Jeremy under here armpit? Goddammit, I will never repair that buring in my irises.

  17. Deacon Jones

    Look at this fat bitch in the pink suit in the ad at the top of the page.

    “Real women” ha. Love it. It should say “Lazy fucks that watch Dr. Phil marathons”

  18. it's me Fuckers!

    Rofl @ #11, you should fit right in with Paris. She’d make you smell pretty.

  19. Obammy Mammy

    I wiped from back to front and gave birth to Barack

  20. Bobz

    You can see a full length nude woman on her forearm.

  21. Lara

    Her elbow is made of ass! Reminds me of some cool tatantino one-liners.
    What is the use of havind an anus on your elbow?!

  22. Lara

    Her elbow is made of ass! Reminds me of some cool tatantino one-liners.
    What is the use of having an anus on your elbow?!

  23. The whiny boys of the superfish

    “Ewww, she looks gross!”

    “I hated listening to Britney’s song – hated it!”

    “Chris Kattan’s wife didn’t deserve a dime. What a bitch!”

    STFU. You’ll fuck whatever you have a shot at (so, about 1% of the women). You’ll like whatever we tell you to like or we won’t fuck you at all. And when we’re done with you, we’re taking all your stuff.

    p.s. Your true orientation is homosexual.

  24. go

    dicks on her lips!!

  25. Whoa! Thanks a lot…NSFW!!! Thanks to a penis thumb I’m now out of a job!!

  26. pizza faced losers

    Hi ya pizza faced losers!

    What a week, huh?

    Yesterday there was a story involving Britney and PIZZA! — like the Shroud of Turin for you guys.

    And here’s a story about art mimicking (your) real life: you look at a girl and see PENISES!!!

  27. I don’t know how he did it, but he captured her wonky eye perfectly..

  28. havoc

    Eh, you could do the same thing with herpes scabs…


  29. parisisawasteofspace

    I think there are a couple of tiny vagina’s on her left arm and some bush to the side of her left boob, right above the shirt. What was used to make the shading on her glasses? Is that a scrotum sac? Pretty creative though. What else are you going to do with all your old porn magazines? You can’t beat off to the same ones forever, I’m assuming.

  30. Huh?

    Her sunglasses are ass cheeks.

  31. HorribleJudgment

    So I’m guessing this artist is gay. He made a porn portrait, and the only thing pornographic that can be made out of it is a penis thumb. And, oh yeah, she has a man hand.

  32. Milton

    I bet those are anus holes for her pupils.

  33. havoc

    That’s like a sore pecker.

    You just can’t beat it!


  34. Cindy McCain

    My pussy smells like the Cryptkeeper’s house.

  35. Cindy McCain

    My pussy smells like the rotting corpse of the terminally ill cancer patient who died in excruciating pain because I stole his pain meds.

    [true story]

  36. Eric

    Is that a penis and balls in her glasses?


    Is Jonathan Yeo a fraud? Because this impression is that of a wise American.

  38. Bigo

    a BUTTHOLE as her mouth!!!

  39. Erik

    Pretty sure that’s a vagina for her earring – or dark hair below her ear.

  40. i wonder what the penis:vagina ratio is.

  41. Dave

    There’s a naked chick at the bottom left of the picture making up her right arm

  42. idiotdogbrain

    Her glasses are made out of a black girls boobs.

    This is brilliant. It suits her personality.

  43. Slut

    Paris is made for porn

  44. slouth

    I don’t see the nip, but pretty sure that’s an ass crack in her arm pit. eh could be wrong.

  45. Randal

    Paris, forget what these folks are saying, they wouldn’t know art if it was hung up in Wolfgang Puck’s Beverly Hills restaurant where the famous Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been imortalized.

    You look great Paris and no doubt it’s an honor to know you helped Jonathan Yeo stick those porn pages together.


  46. HorribleJudgment

    #42, oh yeah, I see the naked chick. So maybe the artist is not gay? I still think he is with that front and center displayed thumb penis and Paris’s man hand. Why did he make her hand so huge? What the fuck was up with that?

  47. krista

    hahahaaa shit.. look at that blow pop shes got on her thumb.

  48. krista

    hahahaaa shit.. look at that blow pop shes got on her thumb.

  49. friendlyfires

    OMG! I found Britney Spear’s clean shaven clam!

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