Paris Hilton is kind of sad

Paris Hilton attended a party at the Versace Mansion in Miami Saturday night. Paris didn’t seem to know anybody at the party, so she decided to pretend to talk on her cell phone, according to FOX News:

“It was interesting,” said our insider. “She didn’t know a lot of the people there and obviously felt uncomfortable, so she chatted away on her phone to phantom friends, at one point it even started to beep while she talking.”

It’s comforting to know that Paris Hilton is just a few steps away from becoming the crazy lady that walks down the street talking into her imaginary phone. In the meantime, I like how Paris shows up at these parties and no one has any idea what she’s doing there. I doubt someone’s planning an event and saying, “You know, I should invite Paris Hilton. She’s so full of insight and is quite the conversationalist.” If Paris actually said something useful just once, it would create a tear in the time/space continuum. I have no evidence to back that up except for the fact I got drunk this weekend and watched Back to the Future. So, actually, what I meant to say is I have all the evidence.

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