Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are BFF

July 6th, 2007 // 112 Comments

Paris Hilton showed up to Lindsay Lohan’s Fourth of July bash hosted by A.J. Lamas (the son of Lorenzo Lamas), and the two apparently made peace. The NY Daily News reports:

“Paris has decided to give Lindsay a second chance,” says a spy, noting that the two were cordial. “Paris was known as a bully … she would form alliances. If a friend didn’t like Lohan, then she wouldn’t like Lohan. But she’s through taking sides. She realized who her real friends were when she was in jail — and there weren’t many. Plus, she’s got to be in a good mood after the Blackstone Group bought the Hilton Hotels, boosting her inheritance.”

Whew! We can all rest easy now, because Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are friends again. There were a tense couple of months back there when the dynamics of their relationship wer– *blows brains out*

NOTE: These aren’t pictures of Lindsay with Paris, they’re of Lindsay at a party in Malibu the day after. Because that’s what you do in rehab. You attend parties and then don’t actually go to rehab.


  1. redsonja1313

    that dude in pic 2 has a full on woody !!! dirty old man !!!

  2. sharpeidude

    Man does this twit need to be donkey punched really bad!

  3. Kat

    DID ANYONE NOTICE THE BLUNT IN PIC 1? That’s def a half smoked rolled up dutch in her hand in the first pic…..looks like they’re smoking it in the pics following….which would explain lindsays facial expression in the main pic…..hahahaha

  4. you can totally see her glue on extensions in pic #2

  5. Britt

    hahah its funny how shes in rehab..and yet look at her eyes. shes clearly on ecstasy..or something of the sort.

  6. Erin

    That’s not even Paris.

  7. Samantha

    I have one question that has always been on my mind. Most celebrities work hard, do great, think of their job as a blessing and have great lives. A lot of celebrities, take their money, spend it on dope, don’t help charities, and go to rehabs. PLZ, SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WTF IS WRONG WITH THEM???? i don’t understand how this works. and what pisses me off even more is that their excuse for why the messed up is that everything is hard for them. LISTEN there are kids that go to bed hungry, kids that get beating, kids whos parents treat them like shyt, and yet, these kids end up having better lives then these celebrities. and yet they have problems :O OMFG!

  8. no seriuosly these girls are out of their minds. Plenty of places to flash your stuff without being ugly in a press photo.

  9. no seriuosly these girls are out of their minds. Plenty of places to flash your stuff without being ugly in a press photo. They are so fed up they have no idea what their doing

  10. hahahah Paris is a joke. But people kiss her ass for deals and travel discounts, via Her Parents.. I hope these fucks end up bankrupt, then we’ll see Paris Hilton’s talent..

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