Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are BFF


Paris Hilton showed up to Lindsay Lohan’s Fourth of July bash hosted by A.J. Lamas (the son of Lorenzo Lamas), and the two apparently made peace. The NY Daily News reports:

“Paris has decided to give Lindsay a second chance,” says a spy, noting that the two were cordial. “Paris was known as a bully … she would form alliances. If a friend didn’t like Lohan, then she wouldn’t like Lohan. But she’s through taking sides. She realized who her real friends were when she was in jail — and there weren’t many. Plus, she’s got to be in a good mood after the Blackstone Group bought the Hilton Hotels, boosting her inheritance.”

Whew! We can all rest easy now, because Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are friends again. There were a tense couple of months back there when the dynamics of their relationship wer– *blows brains out*

NOTE: These aren’t pictures of Lindsay with Paris, they’re of Lindsay at a party in Malibu the day after. Because that’s what you do in rehab. You attend parties and then don’t actually go to rehab.