Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are BFF

July 6th, 2007 // 112 Comments

Paris Hilton showed up to Lindsay Lohan’s Fourth of July bash hosted by A.J. Lamas (the son of Lorenzo Lamas), and the two apparently made peace. The NY Daily News reports:

“Paris has decided to give Lindsay a second chance,” says a spy, noting that the two were cordial. “Paris was known as a bully … she would form alliances. If a friend didn’t like Lohan, then she wouldn’t like Lohan. But she’s through taking sides. She realized who her real friends were when she was in jail — and there weren’t many. Plus, she’s got to be in a good mood after the Blackstone Group bought the Hilton Hotels, boosting her inheritance.”

Whew! We can all rest easy now, because Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are friends again. There were a tense couple of months back there when the dynamics of their relationship wer– *blows brains out*

NOTE: These aren’t pictures of Lindsay with Paris, they’re of Lindsay at a party in Malibu the day after. Because that’s what you do in rehab. You attend parties and then don’t actually go to rehab.


  1. Jimbo

    @47 glad to hear your ass has recovered.

  2. MeatSack

    Her fake friends really get comfortable with her.

  3. K-dizzle


  4. ssdd

    Does anyone ever read the story ALL the way through??! ~ ..
    My point above *Looks like Anna Kournikova to me..* was referring to a GUESS since several are gussing who that may be ..

  5. My inheritance was boosted when I found a nickel today … it goes in the jar.

  6. rosie's mustach

    So that’s what sober Lindsay looks like… Wait a second sober lindsay looks a lot like druken, drugged up Lindsay.

    This can only mean one thing; it’s the Pap’s fault, right Lindsay, they’ve made you out to be a smack addicted whore when all along you were really a nun. Those slimy Paparazzi, always taking advantage of those poor, innocent, honest, clean living celebrities.

  7. rosie's mustach

    Look how much all the guys respect her. Yup that’s how you grope and oogle, I mean talk and listen to, a girl when you
    R-E-S-P-E-C-T her.

    Ug, the guy in pic 2 and 3 looks old enough to be her Daddy… hmmmm maybe it is. Just from the pics you can tell she has no self esteem or self respect. Hanging around one random guy after another, her big old side boob hanging out, straddling some dude she probably just met with a skirt on. You show them to take you seriously firecrotch.

    Boy that’s a deep hole she is trying to fill. Let me give you a hint slutty, you can’t fill that gaping void in your soul with drugs, alcohol, penises or anything else you’d find in Hollywood.

  8. Eyeballs

    It’s great that LiLo is showing her baby sister the ropes at these parties. You know how to act and all lady-like and all..

  9. Bugman4045

    Awfully saggy for a 21 year old. She must let the guys just swing on them!!
    I hope she drinks!

  10. Tim

    I still don’t think that’s Paris Hilton.

  11. anastasia beaverhausen

    have you not yet noticed that she’s OUT of rehab now? duh.

  12. Quinn

    her tits are sagging already cause she NEVER wears a bra. It’s all about support baby. I love the pic where she’s dry humping that guy while smoking with ease. She’s such a pro. She’s a latented whore that’s for damn sure!!

  13. Susan

    So, isn’t this the 3rd time this week we’ve seen Lindsay’s little sister out partying with her? Hasn’t her mom clued in? Maybe if you don’t let your 13 year-old daughters go to Hollywood parties, they won’t be in rehab by age 20.

  14. Linzay couldn’t be more ztoned??
    but the girl next to her iz
    zmoking pot or crack in that
    pipe? and could zhe be anymore

  15. Depraved22

    What a frigging ho. At her age, her boobs should be up really high with absolutely no sag. She is so tired looking.

  16. Lowlands

    well,it seems PH is recently interested in acting-lessons and LL is interested in whore-men as usally.

  17. Good for them. I wish I didn’t own them so much.

  18. wastedOne

    That dude has his hands WAY up LiLo’s ass!

  19. Bored Again

    25. Yeah. Mmmmmmm. Just the way I like them.

  20. frenchie

    Nice extentions in pic 2

  21. Christa

    Yea, that’s so not Paris. That’s not even what Paris was wearing that night. And that chick is hideous, Paris atleast is a lot better looking than whoever that girl is.

  22. Tim

    I’m pretty sure Lindsay’s out of rehab. I’m surprised nobody else has realized that.

  23. frenchie

    I think it’s boy george…

  24. Hollywood Agent

    Gee, when I used to smoke old stogies, I never inhaled with as much gusto as these to. That must be some really good pot/coke/black tar…. I heard that these Celebrity Malibu Rehabs are really good places to make business connections, and find out who has the best pusher with the biggest stash.

  25. cristina marie

    her lipstick is rubbed all over the sides of her mouth.. CRACK WHORE.

    and that’s definately NOT paris.

  26. crazy otto

    ……everything is right in the world again

  27. Mal

    HAAAHAHAHAHA god she makes me laugh. so gross

  28. kate

    in the first pic. i cant believe thats lindsays little sister ali to the right. shes like 13

  29. zomeone need to
    zhoot her parentz
    and lock Linzay
    in a cave zomewhere?

  30. lastangelman

    things go better with coke .. snort .. snort … like the presence of lindsey lohan .. oh my gawd .. i NEED more COOOKEEE … she’s still HEEEREEE … MORE COOOKKKE … WHATSA MATTA? YOU DEAF OR SUMPIN? I NEEEED MORE COOOKKKEEEE LINDSEY LOHAN IS HERE!!!!! ….. Ah shit … oh yeah … uh uhu… better … I’m better now … shit that was close …. okay i can take the lohan now …

  31. Sam

    on the last pic it look like jesica alba on the left.

  32. sam

    Lol sorry not the last one , the one on the bottom left :S

  33. Poppette

    That is NOT Paris Hilton, unfortunately we now know there is someone out there more disgusting than she!

  34. ssdd

    Just curious…
    Was the movie Black Snake Moan based upon a true story?……such as this white trash whore and her parents?.. If not, it sure could have been.

  35. bobby

    That isn’t Paris Hilton

  36. Blondie

    Is that Simon Cowell she’s jumping on?

  37. lindsay

    @3 hell yeah I see it that whore isnt even the that bigger whore paris

  38. Pariz waz zpotted at
    a L.A. club over the
    weekend, zo lookz like
    zhe didn’t even make it
    a month..zomeone zurely
    made money on thiz bitch.
    nice to know, zhe’ll zoon
    be fucking up more and going
    back to jail juzt like all the
    other fuckupz in there?

  39. BaldAsBritney


  40. Bald As Britney



    SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! krazihottkelli its called an S!!!!!!!!! not a Z!!!!!! S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i thought paris hilton said she was a better person :P what a idiot

  42. #92/U R zo ztupid;
    I don’t uze ssssssss
    unlezz I feel like it, bitch…

    and pariz izn’t a better
    perzon if zhez back in
    the trazh barz already…

  43. my comment

    Neon nail polish?

    MY EYES!

  44. lowercasecookie

    93 oh like you would fucking know

  45. Lowlands

    I’ve to admit on the mainpic LL is looking a kind of cute.A little young girl in the world of tricks and treats.She’s young now but she’s to work out hard to stay in shape later.I’m sometimes amazed how some ‘celebrities’ stay in fit shape on older age.I think you need iron discipline to stay on top.

  46. I heard that Paris said “omg let’s never fight again!” To which Lindsay replied “Never!” Then they hugged, but Paris hugged left and Lindsay hugged right so their heads bonked together and they both started crying. “Owie”, Lindsay exclaimed.

  47. #95=read the fuckin
    newz azzhole..what a waz on the
    yahoo fuckin page bitch,
    where U accezz the zite.

  48. MEGHAN


  49. Whoreboob. A noun, an adjective, and a new style look for hookers from the Kmart Lindsay Lohan line.

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