Paris Hilton is getting fat

June 19th, 2008 // 65 Comments

What’re you seeing above is a deliberate attempt by Paris Hilton to gain attention by wearing maternity clothes. But since I drink 12 cups of awesome for breakfast, I’m going a different route: Paris Hilton is getting fat. Sources say she’s moved from Coke Zero to Diet Coke and is eating whole sandwiches instead of her usual diet of heroin with a twig of celery. And, let me tell you, it’s really starting to show in those thighs, folks.

I’ll take that medal whenever it’s ready.


  1. Stephanie

    I actually think this is the best she’s looked in a really long time.

  2. trumper

    I know she supposed to be a skank and all, but the face looks awesome

  3. mer

    Wow, a smile.

  4. Ted from LA

    Who gives a fuck?

  5. Lola

    Oh screw this lazy-eyed whore… All she wants is publicity. No one gives a rat’s ass if she’s preggers or getting fat… She’s ugly and needs to be shot right in her coots….. It’s just all for attention

  6. JM

    The leather jacket with top snap, the early 80′s glasses, the shitty singing that can only be appreciated by other countries — I think I finally figured it out…

    That bitch is turning into David Hasselhoff.

    I hope Kitt has HAZMAT protection on his seats because there’s no telling what’s gonna drop from her crotch.

  7. HeidiHo

    Hmm. Maybe if we actually bought some of her music or went to the theater to see that HottieNottie flick she would promise NOT to breed.

    BTW anyone else suspect Hottie and the Nottie was to launder money?

  8. Yup she is preggers, she is glowing
    for once she doesn’t look like she snorted cocaine up in her vagina

  9. britney's weave

    “uhmahgawd, this is what i will look like when i’m preggers, you guys… i am SOOO HAAAAWT…”

  10. Clem

    That is gonna be one fugly kid.

  11. Cherry

    Maternity-like clothes are in fashion this summer for some reason. Its all about empire lines and non-fitted silhouettes. It looks terrible on the majority of women (including Paris).

  12. nej22

    she doesnt look fat to me.. her legs are still skinny

  13. Mindy

    And heres Paris looking the same as she always does with that stupid fuckin grin on her face.. lame, next

  14. PimpMammaM

    And to think, I’m trying to wear clothes that make me look thinner…..
    Damn skinny chics……wearing maternity clothes to make them look better…..Would make my fat azz look 20lbs larger…….
    But she does appear to be happier. Good for her, maybe that’s what she needed.

  15. yaayaa

    god forbid she weight 10 lbs instead of 5

  16. yaayaa

    god forbid she weight 10 lbs instead of 5

  17. Kathy

    I think Paris looks healthy and NORMAL! I bet she is happy with her new boyfriend. Happy girls eat! Plus, she is not a teen anymore…

    side note: not a huge fan of Paris (we all know her story), just sick of people picking on celebs who are slightly normal in weight!



  19. veggi

    Paris could curl up in a ball and be the size of one of Kim K’s ass cheeks.. And about the same cleanliness..

  20. me

    her hands and her feet are gigantic. however, i do think she looks pretty in these pictures.

  21. I agree with Ted..

  22. karatekachick

    I can’t believe I am saying this, I think she looks better in these pictures then she has in any picture i have ever seen of her, not the body etc, just in the face, I had no clue it was even her! WOW

    Now, she is still an idiot and still a slut, but in these few pictures she almost looks……human??

  23. Mandy

    Empire waist tops, tunics and dresses can look really nice, but the one she’s wearing is cut much too short, totally makes her torso look stumpy. I have to admit the hair and face looks nice, but she always looks like she’s posing. Nothing natural about this girl at all!

  24. insomnia

    If it were trendy to be a hermaphrodite Paris would be showing up wearing her cod piece in spandex pants. We need a windfall stupidity tax.

  25. havoc

    Attention whore.

    Guess it worked…..


  26. martino

    Does anybody else hate the word “preggers”? I don’t know why, but it annoys me as much as (or more than) people who type comments in text message speak. Just type the word pregnant. It’s the same number of letters.

  27. Doc

    Paris has the body type where most of her weight gain is on the stomach and this is why she choose to stay thin. She is wearing a maternity top because she has been eating more lately and gained weight on the stomach.

  28. Nexera

    Her face looks like her ugly sister’s in these pics. However, I do like the outfit.

  29. I wish Jean Claude Van Damme would stop sucking dick long enough to helicopter kick this bitch right in the head.

  30. Randal

    I’ve got to admit, Paris is actually looking like a defined woman in these pictures, extra padding or not, she may very well pull off being a great mother.

    Her choice of doing this now while in the prime of her career may very well hurt her in the end but at least she’ll have a beautiful child to spend her time with.


  31. Nikki

    Shes so pregnant…she looks healthy and has a nice glow to her face..come on…I know its normal to gain weight in a relationship..but its freakin Paris Hilton. Wasn’t her boyfriend just talking about having kids last week?

  32. silverdollar

    where’s her stupid benji madden ring?

  33. what now?

    No god please god no. Please please don’t let this heinous filthy bitch be pregnant , oh god a madden/hilton baby is more than this world can handle. Why couldn’t you make this bitch barren, if anyone does not deserve the ability to reproduce it’s The Parasite.

    Seriously folks I am fucking scared shitless that this ho-skank got knocked up. I must say though that my oh my how the tables have turned, it was once pudgy little Nicole tagging after Paris and Paris was the main attraction (for men’s penises) and Nicole was just her chubby little sidekick who seemed to want to be like Paris and NOW that Nicole has a lower BMI than Paris, Nicole is the queen B (that’s how it works in Hollywood people) and it’s Paris who is trying to emulate and basically copy Nicole’s life. Pitiful Paris, just Pitiful and imagine how many diseases that poor baby will be born with and of course it will be beyond retarded and have a wonky eye and look like a miniature Boy George(even if it’s a girl). So by the sounds of it, it has the makings of a future President of the United States or at least a presidential candidate.

    i do not clean up my spelling and grammar for anything relating to this diiiiiiiiiiiiiiirty HUAR!!!

  34. lameo

    Dude it’s just a regular summery top that got blown by the wind. Her face looks surprisingly pretty here.

  35. Ted Mosby

    I bet she is acting pregnant so that she can steal a pregnant woman’s baby.

    Ripped from the headlines sort of thing.

  36. Jas

    Don’t women’s breasts grow too with pregnancy? I know it’s not for all women, but, normally they start to grow long before a woman is in need of a maternity top. I doubt she’s preggos.

  37. Kate

    Soooooooooooooooooooooo if she’s pregnant and she has herpies,can’t she give the baby herpies if it passes through the birthing canal? She could get a C-Section, but you can spread herpies to your child while it’s coming out can’t you? I once saw a picture of a baby with herpies on its face because its mother had herpies.

  38. give her a break

    I actually think she looks really good. She doesn’t look fat at all!
    I’m not a Paris Hilton “fan” by any means but give her a break!

  39. snarkymalarky

    it pains me to say this, but she actually looks kind of good in some of these pics. She looks so much better with shorter hair and not all that hair extension crap. Either way I still hate this shallow, self absorbed rag. Let’s hope she doesn’t procreate.

  40. dfd

    I think she has pretty face
    but is still a stupid girl with not that much class.

  41. Disarray

    Agreed. She looks good. I must admit I always thought she was attractive though, just a bit too skinny. As long as shes not talking shes good with me.

  42. Superficial, you hit this one righhhhhttt on the head. She is absolutely trying to get attention by pretending to hide a prego bump. I hope to god her and her boyfriend do not produce. There are already too many ugly people in the world.

  43. Sef

    She’s not wearing her “engagement” ring

  44. ferlo

    she looks good here…her aura is a lot more humble, all the burns from everybody got to her finally. but, in defense of her alter ego where somebody died and made her Queen, she looked fantastic with her super hard Tahitian tan and her platnum hair streaming all down her back, hitting her ass…awe that was the dawn of The Simple Life before she was over-exposed and burned to the stake,

  45. #4, That was priceless. I agree. So the Madden Bros. have cloned themselves. Whoopie. The world will end in 2012. The little tykes will not even have time to learn their ABC’s.

  46. JoeSchmoe

    She had another nose job…I couldn’t figure out what looks different, than I realized her nose isn’t as long as it used to be. She had the witch tip lifted (remember, it used to almost reach the top of her bottom lip, and her nose was very, very narrow).

    She had a wider nose in her youth, and had it narrowed (too much, so that the tip had no support and it started to hang too low). It’s looks like she had an implant put in to lift the tip, and it’s a tad rounder now too. Looks so much better.

  47. Vet Wrap

    I had a dog once that I bought a squeaky toy for, and she had a false pregnancy. The Vet had me take the toy away from her and she got better. I think someone better take the paps away from Paris while she is trying on this media whore fix, or she just might reproduce on us. Have any of you ever seen the movie “Gremlins,” think about it people. It’s would be very ugly.

  48. Nosy Nosy

    JoeSchmoe – #46

    Is that right, nose jobs sag like tits. Who knew…..

  49. Tranny

    This is the first time I have seen the tranny looking fat.

  50. me not you

    This whore truly is like the boy who cried wolf. Absolutely everything she does is for publicity so if something actually DID happen in her life – like cancer (please, please God) – the first thing anyone would think is it’s a publicity stunt. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to live that way every minute of the day needing the attention of total strangers to feel validated. What an ass.

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