Paris Hilton is getting cozy with the guys again

paris-around-town.jpgAccording to Life & Style Weekly, when Paris Hilton was unable to hook up at a party with Olympian Jeremy Bloom, she “made a bee line” for another club where she was spotted holding hands with actor Simon Rex, before ditching him for USC quarterback Matt Leinart. Additionally, a week earlier she was spotted with The O.C.’s Benjamin McKenzie. A source says: “She was desperately hanging on to him the whole night. They seemed really friendly as they said goodbye.”

Isn’t it common knowledge by now that Paris Hilton has herpes? Maybe all the guys she’s beeing going for since breaking up with Stavros Niarchos didn’t get the memo. And by memo, I mean looking at her face and realizing it’s Paris Hilton and that she has herpes. Because it’s Paris Hilton. And she has herpes.


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