Paris Hilton is engaged to Paris

People magazine is reporting that Paris Hilton is engaged to her boyfriend of five months Paris Latsis. I would make fun of the fact that Paris is engaged to Paris, but it’s so obviously stupid that I’m not even going to try and top reality.

Latsis, 27, proposed on Wednesday, the day Hilton, 24, returned home to Los Angeles after a three-week trip to Europe, where she promoted her thriller House of Wax and her new fragrance.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Paris Hilton’s life is like a damn TV show. Remember in Married With Children when Marcy got married to Jefferson and her name ended up being Marcy Darcy? Well this is exactly like that. It’s the kind of thing so stupid that it only happens to fictional TV characters and Paris Hilton. I expect Paris’ next move will be to move into the local supermarket and see how long she can live there before getting kicked out.

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