Paris Hilton is box office poison

Paris Hilton’s movie The Hottie and The Nottie completely tanked this weekend. To be honest, I’m surprised it made more than $1.50. But, I’m no box office analyst. Fortunately the folks at Fantasy Moguls are and, like my fifth grade girlfriend, did the math for me:

The final count will show that the critically reviled comedy featuring the seemingly talentless Hilton has sold a meager $25,500 in tickets at 111 locations over the weekend. That’s only $230 per screen for theaters that were convinced to book this disaster. That means that, based on an $8 average ticket price, 29 paying customers showed up at each location over the 3-day.

Paris didn’t seem too concerned that her acting career is back in the shitter where God himself wants it. She unveiled her new line of shoes at Macy’s yesterday and signed autographs for fans. One woman even let Paris hold her baby. Why a social services SWAT team didn’t immediately secure the child is beyond me. At least I know, when this poor little girl develops an incurable diaper rash, her pediatrician will medically punch the mother in the face. Paris Hilton holding a child. Wow. Wasn’t there a barrel of toxic waste nearby? You know, something kid-friendly.

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